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Cathrine Elwynn - Daughter of Athena

Hello again! :) 
This is Cathrine and she's a typical daughter of Athena, just that she can talk to owls and she has that pet owl, Ptholomäus. :meow:

Hope you enjoy! Meow :3 
Love ya ~ Heart Tight Hug

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Bullet; Yellow Reference/Texture: None
Bullet; Orange Percy Jackson © Rick Riordan
Bullet; Red Time: Around 2-4 hours
Bullet; Black Medium: Paint Tool SAI | Photoshop CS6 | Wacom Cintiq 22HD
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Wow.  Ever since I got into Harry Potter at the age of seven, I have considered having a pet owl.  In fact, one of my OCs, a version of Morgana le Fay, has an owl that she uses as a messenger between her and her best friend.  He's a great horned owl named Khonsu.
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Oh that sounds cool! Yeah owls are awesome but they're not really suited for being real life pets, I think Cathrine can just swing it because she can actually talk to it and ya know, it's a demigod camp haha. Glad you like it! :hug:
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Sounds cool to me.  Since owls are Athena's sacred bird, having a couple circle around the cabin would probably not go amiss.
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That'd be so cool :D I love to imagine that :meow:
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Wow, she looks amazing, definitely one of my faves!!! :D
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aww, thank you :hug:
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This is great.The owl is the best.
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haha thank you! :hug:
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love the owl! 
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Awesome drawing I can really see the personality in this character!  She seems really strong!  I love the owl too! Such a cutie!
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it is quite cute :meow: 
I'm glad you like it and see it that way, thank you very much! :hug:
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