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Annabeth Chase - Athena

Important EDIT: I totally changed the whole image xD Her hair is now totally different (more curly and less like dreadlocks). I added two textures, I changed the shadows, levled out the two feet (they weren't of the same length) and adjusted her expression because she was looking like "I don't care" and that's not what she's like ^^ Hope you can see the difference ^^;

And now it's Annabeth's turn!! :D I like how she turned out except for her hair, I imagine it to be more curly and "princess like" as Percy describes it ^^ Besides that I had to add many things during the process, I forgot the Yankees cap, her necklace and her grey streak in the hair :XD: But I noticed soon enough xP
I really hope you like it and sorry for the spamming. But I'm in a Percy Jackson rush and totally want to picture my thoughts of these books :meow:
Love ya ~:heart: :tighthug:

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Do not steal art by Orpheelin The Fav Stamp by Busiris


:bulletyellow: Reference:
:bulletorange: Texture I © | Texture II ©
:bulletpink: Annabeth Chase © Rick Riordan
:bulletred: Time: Around 4 to 5 hours
:bulletblack: Medium: PS CS 5 | Wacom Intuos 4
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This is very good. I like it! I really appreciate the way you brought Rick's character to life with your artwork. I especially like the background, and i think it is very clever. In my opinion, her hair should not cover her eye because it's just me. I think the hat is a nice touch to the artwork. the dagger has been placed very well but i think her shorts could be not as short as it looks uncomfortable for the sheath of the blade to keep coming into contact with her skin. Over-all WONDERFUL ARTWORK and I just want to say HI!
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I think this is amazing work. I like how you paid attention to small detail such as her Yankees cap, camp necklace, and her dagger strapped to her shorts. I absolutely love the style of the shorts and think it's really cool that they look so lifelike. Her nose is sort of set off to the side, but I still dont think the face is bad. The flats were a nice touch, I just don't know if Annabeth would wear them. I like how you got her neck and collarbone perfect, and the eyes I really love. the hair is not too bad, as you previously critiqued yourself, I actually think its pretty. Overall, amazing job on Annabeth!
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Yeah, at some point I went and corrected the hair because it really looked quite bad XD. It's better now though xP
And thank you very much for the critique, I really appreciate it!! :tighthug:
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you're very welcome, anytime!!
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Hmm. After seeing your Reyna picture, I thought the others would be well drawn; Which some of them are. But...This is a good drawing, until you see Annie's face. She looks a little asian (love them but, She's not Asian), missing one eye, and a weird smile. I know her eye is covered but, it does look a little awkward... Don't get me wrong, It's a good drawing, but her face is a litle awkward, in my opinion of course. It's pretty though. I love the detail, And how you added the hat, GENIUS. I don't mean to offend you. But, I hope this helps.
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I know. 8| I like calling her Annie <3
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Mh...that may be because of the Anime-Style eye ^^; When I drew this, I was completely fixed on that style xP. I could try to fix it the next time I feel like correcting a picture thought :). And I'll do much more of this fandom in the future, so maybe you'll like it better when I try her another time xP

Other than that, thank you very much for your opinion, I can fully understand what you mean. But since this piece is rather old, I'm not completely redoing it, I'm going to remember your tip for next time though. Reyna's piece is relatively new, that's why she's probably better drawn. I hope so at least XD Would be bad if that wasn't the case ^^;.

Thanks again, that really helped! :tighthug:
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No problem. I'm glad I helped actually. Artists got to help each other improve right~?
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Yes, that's correct, one of the reasons I love Deviantart :meow:
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Looks kindof like a cyclops.
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mh yeah...this is a very old picture though so I probably wont correct it ^^ 
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My favorite series character ever besides Darth Vader and Captain Rex.Great Job!
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Haha yeah! Thank you! :hug:
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Hi ^^ 
Yeah, I love that pic of her :D
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Annabeth Chase: are God.

Sakura: That's right.

Annabeth Chase: Yet, my mother exist, and so do the other Greco-Roman gods.

Sakura: Correct.

Annabeth Chase: How is that possible?

Sakura: Your mother, and the other Greco-Roman gods, are just lesser gods. Beings of lesser power. I am the Great Creator, the Alpha and the Omega, the true mother of Jesus Christ and the one true God. I let the Greco-Romans gods exist in order to help me run the universe, but there is no one more powerfful than me.

Annabeth Chase: Wow...Mister Brunner never told me that.

Sakura: I know this is all new information that you have to abosrb, but in time, you will fit in with the rest of the residents of Gensokyo.
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you do such an amazing job!
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Aww, thank you very much! :hug:
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This is how I pictured Annabeth.
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