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Amy Pond

Amy (Amelia) Pond - The Girl who waited

Doctor Who obsession still lasts x_x. So today I was totally in the mood to draw Amy. Why? Because
Karen Gillan = Hair Porn.
Seriously, look at her hair...not only on this pic but on any screenshot you make of her. Even when it's wet it's pretty. :meow:
Plus, she's my number one fav companion next to Rose. I'm so curious on how the Ponds are going to leave next season...even though I really don't want them too, we all know that they one day have to, like all the others :tears:. *sigh*

This one was a little real-paint-challenge for me. I didn't put the image under the drawing this time (so it's not an "overdraw") but sketched the important features over, then deleted the pic but left it open in another PS Tab so I could pic colours with the eyedropper tool. So it was more difficult but even if it was, I had a LOT of fun with it :D. Especially the hair :heart:. The leather jacket killed me though. But I think it looks okay now xP. PLUS, no Outlines, guys! I did it :dead:. I think for the first time it's it? x_x

Also, I tried a new kind of making my signatures, what do you think? I'm hoping to be able to get rid of the watermark without the signature to be easily erasable (so nobody steals it. Trust me, that happened often with my PJ stuff...-_-).

Hope you enjoy!! :meow:
Love ya ~:heart: :tighthug:

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:bulletyellow: Reference: [link]
:bulletorange: Amelia Pond © BBC
:bulletpink: Texture © *ClarabellafaireStock[link]
:bulletred: Time: 5 1/2 hour
:bulletblack: Medium: PS CS 5 | Wacom Intuos 4
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© 2012 - 2022 Kat-Anni
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RipmaV's avatar
Wirklich große Klasse!

Bin übrigends hier durch auf deine deviantart-Page gekommen:…

Kat-Anni's avatar
oh wow cool! Jemand hat es auf FB verlinkt, wie lieb x_x
Dankesehr!! :hug:
RipmaV's avatar
Ja und dann auch noch auf der Offiziellen Seite von Kara Gillan! Darauf kannste dir was einbilden! ;)
Kat-Anni's avatar
Tue ich ein bisschen :D Danke nochmal für den Hinweis :3
EvilEspressoDrinks's avatar
You're one of the most amazing artists on dA!
This is absolutely beautiful. 
Kat-Anni's avatar
I think there are FAR more amazing artists out there who would take like a fifth of their time for a piece like this ^^. 
But anyway, thank you! :meow: Your opinion humbles me :blush:
sonamy47's avatar
This is brilliant :)
Kat-Anni's avatar
awww, thank you very much, dear! :hug:
horsesrock847's avatar
:O it looks amazing!!!
Kat-Anni's avatar
Aww, thank you! :hug:
AbbeyGrimm's avatar
What you did with her hair is awesome :D
I can totally sympathise with the "hair porn" bit~
Kat-Anni's avatar
Yeah, right?!? Especially in 'the girl who waited' x_x
And thanks! :hug:
TheTempestintheStorm's avatar
*gasps* i watched this episode recently!!
"This is a kindness. Do not be alarmed" freaky, how they would pop up out of nowhere.
Kat-Anni's avatar
Yeah, right?! And I love her hair in this episode so very very much x_x
yeahpercabeth's avatar
i dont know who this is but when i saw this i thought it was a photo its that good!!!!
Kat-Anni's avatar
Aww :blush:
Thank you very much! :hug:
and she's a companion of the Doctor from the series 'doctor Who' so yeah..:XD:
Ashqtara's avatar
Uuuuuh! :meow:
Sehr sehr hübsch! :heart: An ihren Händen stört mich ein bisschen was (kann ich aber gerade nicht einordnen), aber der Rest ist super. Besonders die Haare! (Hair Porn.... - definitely!)
Kat-Anni's avatar
Aww, dankesehr! :meow: Mein erster Versuch im Realistic Painting, also ist das vl. da mit der Grund warum die Hände so seltsam aussehen :XD:. Ach under Ring ist glaube ich iwie gekrepelt...daran könnte es auch liegen :D
Und ja, allerdings :giggle:. Ihre haaaaare T_T Ich will ._.
Kiwi-tan's avatar
This is absolutely amazing! I love it! I love Doctor Who too!
Kat-Anni's avatar
Yeah, that show is epic x_x Can't wait for the christmas speciaaaaal :la:
And thank you very much! :hug:
Kiwi-tan's avatar
My fav doctor is David Tenant, he's so awesome (well all of them are!)
Kat-Anni's avatar
I agree! :meow: Really miss him ^^
StillGotLegs27's avatar
Kat-Anni's avatar
Aww, thank you!! :hug:
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