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Alana Lume - Daughter of Apollo

Yeah, so there's another one!! This one is Alana Lume and she is a daughter of Apollo as well as a huntress of Artemis. She's actually 156 years old and a healer and she's awesome and I love writing her :D. She's tall for her age (body, 12) and looks very strict and uptight when she's actually very warm to her lady and her sisters (not so much to anybody else). She's one of Amelia's best friend while she's with the hunters. I bet Apollo threw a hissy fit when his own daughter joined his sister :giggle:.

Did I ever mention that braided hair is f***ing hard to draw?? Well I did now. It is. Otherwise I enjoyed designing her outfit, it reminds me a bit of riding gear but I really love it too. And no, that is not a cape but a cloak rather but that would have covered everything up so she moved it past her shoulders for me?? XD Oh also, a lyre in the background for Apollo (duh). 

Hope you enjoy! 
Meow :3 
Love ya ~ Heart Tight Hug

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I bet her father is disappointed in her
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Hahaaa yeah I bet :D i bet he was really sad too somehow ^^" 
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Braided hair may be hard to draw, but I laud your efforts.  The effect is amazing.  I love that you gave her twin knives AND a bow.
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yeah, she's equipped to the teeth :D 
Glad you like it, thank you :hug:
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Umm may I ask a request?
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what is it? You can alsways ask but I'll just draw it if I'm in the mood for it, sorry. I don't have much time on my hands nowadays :/
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Oh no its okay I think I was going to request to have to draw my PJO/Kane Chronicles crossover oc but if you don't have time to do so then its okay ^_^ 
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I love your drawings so much! The characters, the backgrounds, the style... Awesome!
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aww, thank you very much, I'm glad you like it :hug:
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