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08 - Lady Hestia

By Kat-Anni
Number 08 - Innocence

Okay, guys. This is a 100 Themes challenge pic, yes. I actually continued! :la: And it's soft shading! :la: And I didn't use any lines! :la:

Now you're thinking "huh, but there are lines...!". Yes, but not in my usual way. This time, I didn't waste the long time it needs to do the lines again completely but just worked out my sketch I did at the beginning. And wow, this looks so different! The lines are thicker now but on the other hand, I needed so little time for this even with the pose I did on my own and the colour concept that is one I never did before. And still, I'm satisfied. Can I be proud now? Dunno, tell me ;P
I'm proud of the fire, it's the first time I got it so real :o

This needs some explanation though. Sorry for the long text that's going to follow but this pic is kinda philosophical or something.

~ Shitty long explanation - Beginning ~

Also, PJ Spoiler ^^

The task was to draw out the word "Innocence". First, I thought about doing a D.Gray-Man fanart, you know, as a joke. Then I thought I might just do the boring interpretation everybody has. An innocent little kid, clueless and somehow the colour white has to be in the pic because white is the colour of innocence. Well yeah, that's how the pic looked like then:…
It's just the sketch though. Well, somehow I found it boring. And so I thought about innocence a little farther, looked it up in German and in English, and then suddenly, the idea came.

It's Hestia. No, seriously.

So, my interpretation of Innocence is a little different now. Often, innocence is just the fact that you're still a virgin and stuff.
Then again, it's interpreted with the innocence most children have. They're naive, they believe every word you say.
OR Innocence is the fact that you're not guilty in a case of the police.

I think it's a little of everything. Let's just say innocence is the lack of negative feelings such as hate, rage, desire revenge, greed, ... Well, you know the list. The reason I came to Hestia from this was the way she was described in 'Percy Jackson & The last Olympian', Page 98:

"A cozy campfire crackled in a ring of stones. A girl about eight years old was sitting cross-legged next to Mrs. O'Leary, scratching the hellhound's ears.
The girl had mousy brown hair and a simple brown dress. She wore a scarf over her head so she looked like a pioneer kid - like the ghost of 'Little House on the Prairie' or something. She poked the fire with a stick, and it seemed to glow more richly red than normal fire.
'Hello,' she said. [...]
Nico bowed to the little girl. 'Hello again, Lady.'
She studied me with eyes as red as the firelight. I decided it was safest to bow."

So, this is Lady Hestia as described there. Not from this scene though, she's not sitting cross legged. I tried that but pretty much failed :XD:. She takes the form of a little girl, yet she's the first child of Kronos and Rhea, elder Sister to Zeus, the leader of Olympus. She told Percy that it's hard to yield. I think she's a very noble goddess. Even though she's the eldest of them and would have the right to rule, she always steps back and is content with her task to tend the flames of the hearth. So she even stepped from the throne just so Dionysus could join Olympus. She yielded and never complained. Even though she's wise like that, she appears as a child, the embodiment of innocence. Her eyes tell you she's no normal kid at all.

Also, this song is very important:…
It tells us that we're all in some way innocent. I understood it in that way that we all have to let go of our innocence some day because we have to stand up on our own. In my opinion though, we should do it like Hestia, just the other way around. We keep our childish innocence inside ourselves because being able to have fun and enjoy life shouldn't be something we should be forced to loose. Yes, you shouldn't be naive. But Innocence can also be the ability to see the positive things, am I right? So, keep your childishness inside of yourself to sometimes let it out. Hestia, though she's aware of her important duty, sometimes just sits in Camp Half-Blood and treats the fire there to see the kids rushing around. Like her, we sometimes need time to enjoy ourselves, otherwise we will some day end up depressed and unhappy.

~ Shitty long explanation - End ~

Uff. This was shorter when I wrote it out in German, I swear! :XD: Alright, you don't have to read it, just enjoy the picture. For those who do read it: thank you very much! :hug:

Hope you enjoy it!!
Love ya ~:heart: :tighthug:

For more 100-Themes, go to my Gallery here:…
or my Journal, there's a list of them on the right!! :meow:

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:bulletred: Time: Around 5 hours
:bulletblack: Medium: PS CS 5 | Wacom Intuos 4
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I just... I can't. Hestia looks freaking adorable! I love how it's different from the other drawings you make and other drawings of her. It reminds me of an OC of mine but that's another thing. She looks so cute and innocent here, the squee factor is an eleven.

<img class="avatar" src="…" alt=":iconsocuteplz:" title="socuteplz" /> <img class="avatar" src="…" alt=":iconasdfghplz:" title="asdfghplz" />

You did it on purpose. I swear, you're just missing the blushies and then I'd died. And my friends would go like "Cute!" and kjsadaKHF dammit this 100 word minimum is annoying. Anywho I love it, it's adorable and I am going to fave it right now as I type this.
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Hestia is my favorite goddess because of how kind she is. All the other goddess are either obsessing over themselves or killing people and she is such a selfless person who would do anything to avoid conflict. Love this!
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thank you! yeah Hestia is pretty awesome :3 She's my fav goddess as well in Rick's books. 
glad you liked it :hug:
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Hestia, goddess of the hearth in Greek Mythology, descirption from the Percy Jackson books :meow:
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At first , I thought it was Clarrise(I know, sue me), but then I realized it was Hestia, flickering in the ashes.
Kat-Anni's avatar
hihi okay, yeah, it's Hestia :meow: Lovely little Hestia :D
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In my opinion, she's probably one of the nice siblings of Kronos. And nice drawing too!
Kat-Anni's avatar
Yeah, totally is :meow:
Aww, thank you very much! :hug:
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i tried it and it looked weurd
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Honestly dislike this interpretation.
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Alright, that's fine.
Can you tell me why though? ^^
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The home doesn't give me a feeling a beauty of youth, or desire/innocence. I saw hestia as a goddess of stability, and those elements are impulsive and inflamed-which kind of takes away from the calming protection of the hearth. know she was a little girl, but I didn't imagine her to be an especially dramatic looking. Percy over looked her for 4 years. She was a quiet humble dear.
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This is just your opinion about home. You stupid.
Kat-Anni's avatar
okay, that's understandable :). But with her brown clothes, I can understand that you would overlook her. Also, I always thought that it was also because of her magic, that you would have to be very sensitive towards her presence to notice her. But thanks, your point of view gives me a better overview of the character :meow:
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Me too! And thank you! :hug:
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hestia was the best of the greeks she didn't treat people like trash or play things even possidon could be a jerk but he mellowed out a bit
Kat-Anni's avatar
Yeah, you're right she always was rather kind compared to the others ^^;
dcblackstar's avatar
and she's pretty mellow even though her element being fire she has a go with the flow vibe which is normally seen in water creatures
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saw this on you tube and it's on Percy Jackson-This Is War. i hope that helped:)
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