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Skyrim: Outlaw.

Fantasy on the theme of Skyrim/Game of thrones (dothraki).

Awww... It is impossible to find my photo with search. ._.
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You just gave me an INSTANT boner!!
quietwalker's avatar
You are fabulously beautiful <3
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lf that isn't hot. I don't know what is.
looks great! but looks like a Forsworn in my Skyrim with Mods but great!
RestlessEnt1ty's avatar
looks more like a Forsworn than an outlaw, but still, great cosplayJordan Emoticon 
Akatsuki-Kuchiki's avatar
She is so adorably cute
jonasgrant's avatar
Not sure if adorable or creepy... Adorably creepy?
SSremnant's avatar
She's not dressed for Skyrim's weather...:| (Blank Stare) 
Zarkpudd's avatar
God damn horse lords stealin' my shit. Can't even send a caravan from Braavos to Pentos without some of you lot mucking things up!
SSremnant's avatar
Does your caravan swim?
Zarkpudd's avatar
They only need to do that to get from Braavos to the mainland right? Or did I totally jank my ice and fire geography?
SSremnant's avatar
No, braabos is verry close o the mainland.
Nekonax's avatar
Badass. If this isn't a character from a movie/book/graphic novel ... she should be! :O
Katser's avatar
ohh. amazing photo!
especially eyes)) 
you're beautiful :) 
Creepy and goddamn awesome
Saavannah's avatar
Is a photo? look like a 3D model D: 
Rocking-Raccoon's avatar
love the look on your face it really sell the whole cosplay
bdr2k9's avatar
freakishly beautiful. Sweating a little... 
kittyrose-kakuri's avatar
I beg to differ. I found your picture actually lol
This is very very good. I like this so much...the forsworn has always had a place in my heart with their backstory and you bring it to life so much more.
Cudos to you cutie~ ^^
Ascyllia's avatar
It's a Forsworn.. O_O 
Weaslenut's avatar
On one of the others of this set it said there are more pics, are you planning on putting them up? I love the concept of this, and would love to see more of them. Btw your smile goes perfect with the murderous mentality of the bandits in Skyrim :D
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