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I haven't taken part in a Secret Santa for a couple of years now, so I thought I'd join this year! Here's my wishlist:
1. Elizabeth cosplaying Lisa Lisa from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Feel free to add Gin-san cosplaying Joseph if you like (I love my seiyuu jokes)

2. Anything involving the Joui 4, preferably with them being massive dorks together (refs: 1, 2)

3. Kid Gintoki, Takasugi and Zura having a snowball fight/roasting sweet potatoes around a fire/doing some wintery activity. It would be nice if you could include Sensei in there but it's not necessary. (refs: 1, 2, 3)

4. 3Z kids doing the tuba gun photo meme

5. Anything GinZura. It doesn't have to be as a romantic pairing, I love seeing them in their usual bickering state. But if you like the pairing, by all means go for it ^q^

Sorry about the lack of detail! I'm not very good at describing what I want...
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