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Lost Soul Shawl by KasumiShino Lost Soul Shawl :iconkasumishino:KasumiShino 0 0 Looking at the Future by KasumiShino Looking at the Future :iconkasumishino:KasumiShino 1 0 Fun Planet by KasumiShino Fun Planet :iconkasumishino:KasumiShino 1 0 Traveler by KasumiShino Traveler :iconkasumishino:KasumiShino 4 0 Night Forest by KasumiShino Night Forest :iconkasumishino:KasumiShino 3 0 Community by KasumiShino Community :iconkasumishino:KasumiShino 4 0 Leaving Home by KasumiShino Leaving Home :iconkasumishino:KasumiShino 4 0
Chasing the Enemy
I chased after the feathered demon as it flew from me. It landed on an ash urn and stared at me with its black beady eyes. I looked over at the cat who laid there like some innocent bystander. I looked back to the offender as it once again flew and landed on top of his home; as big as a cathedral where, like a choir, his job was to stay inside and amuse us with its singing. Like it was his destiny... or something.
I tried to take a step toward it and almost broke my ankle when I tripped on my dress. The gown and heels I had to worn to the company party were not meant for this. I took off my shoes and tried to go after the offender, but the moment I took a step it once again started to fly circles around me.
"Stand Still," I yelled in frustration. It was late and I was tired. "No Hammer, don't" But it did. It landed on the ceiling fan.
"Hun, what are you doing?" I heard from the door and turned to see my husband.
"The parakeet escaped," I told him and pointed at the empty cage.
:iconkasumishino:KasumiShino 2 0
Drama In and Out of the Lab
"So did you hear what happened?" asked Lin as she looked in the microscope next to me. "Something happened?" I asked looking over.
She kept to her work as she spoke. "I passed by the boss' office and heard him on the phone talking about that new microbiologist we just got," she looked at me, "It turns out he might be  smuggling samples out of here."
I gave ger an incredulous look, "No way, security here is tight."
"It is," she agreed, "But he might be using his shoes."
I frowned, "What?"
She nodded, "He might  have a hidden compartment inside."
I laughed at that notion, "And what does he do with it?"
Lin shrugged, "I don't know. Sell it in the international black market, persuade some bystander to take it off his hands." this is just shows the heights people will go to for credits."
I hummed my agreement and looked out the window where the war used to be fought. The trench that ran across the parking was abandoned, just like the rest. Bombs weren't used anymore, but whatever
:iconkasumishino:KasumiShino 0 0
A Strange Request at a Piano Bar
"You want me to do what?" I asked the person in front of me. His voice sounded juvenile, but at the Mask Piano bar it was hard to tell; everyone's face was covered. That made his request even more awkward. Tonight's theme was 'At the Carnival' and this person was asking me to dance. I was not expectingthat. In fact, I chocked on the slice of apple pie I was eating.
I looked at the covered face, then back at the expectant hand. I looked around and noticed no one was dancing. No one danced here, there was no room.  The dance floor was removed some years ago after a woman sprained her ankle. It was quite the controversy then, specially  after the floor nails were found to have oxidation . The lady sued the place and the dance floor was removed.
But here was someone who didn't care. He was either new or... I sighed and smiled, wiped my mouth, gulped my drink and stood up. I took a deep breath, smelling the sassafras perfume the Mask was known to use. "I would be happy to," I fina
:iconkasumishino:KasumiShino 0 0
A Family Mystery Uncovered
    'The Sunday Meeting,' as mom calls it, was well underway when I found myself hiding from my sister. The closet I was hiding in was full of boxes and storage bins. Bored, I opened one of them and peeked inside. I frowned when I saw a notebook called, 'Secret.' My curiosity didn't take long to convince me, and so I reached for it and opened it. It seemed to be a diary.
"...getting everything ready was a marathon and a half, but it will be worth it,. Traveling to the home island will be great, specially, for the kids. They will learn who they are..."
I paused and flipped through it to another entry.
"It is done. It wasn't easy but the swap was finally done. One child for another..."
    I quickly closed the notebook and something fell out. A picture of the second floor hallway. The wallpaper wasn't there  and there was a door that I was sure had never been there. I gabbed everything and left the closet. "Mom!" I called out. I was going to demand answers. But s
:iconkasumishino:KasumiShino 1 0
Among the Ruins by KasumiShino Among the Ruins :iconkasumishino:KasumiShino 1 0 Somewhere in Space by KasumiShino Somewhere in Space :iconkasumishino:KasumiShino 2 0 Castle by KasumiShino Castle :iconkasumishino:KasumiShino 0 0 Paint Bar Art: Sunset by KasumiShino Paint Bar Art: Sunset :iconkasumishino:KasumiShino 1 0 Paint Bar Art: Winter Night by KasumiShino Paint Bar Art: Winter Night :iconkasumishino:KasumiShino 0 0

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Lost Soul Shawl
Something different!, This is a design by Maryetta Roy I found in Revelry and started some... 4 years ago and finally finished. Woo!. And yes, that is the iron I used to do some blocking. I call it Skull Shawl or Thanos shawl, because the color purple makes some of the skulls look like Thanos... or perhaps its just me?? Oh well. 
My first work of the year 2019. I wonder where he is going...

Also, I have a scanner now!



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