The reason why my gallery is poor

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By Kasuga39
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Up to now, I have drawn 500 or more pics, but I don't submit most of them to dA.

Because they are comic strips written in Japanese, or otherwise inappropriate pics (frankly speaking, ____porns).
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I would like to see some of this non-DA materialz (especially pr0n). Have you thought about opening a Hentai Foundry profile? A lot of people who post there also maintain DAs.
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I guess Pixiv would be his place, given that Pixiv is more popular in Japan than DeviantArt. If he has hentai, it’s probably on Pixiv. But you’ll have to search his name there, either in Roman letters or in hiragana or katakana because I’m not going to search it for you.

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m(_ _)m I honor your works.
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I understand why your pictures could not be posted. It's a shame majority of it is porn. But don't worry, I like hentai so I say...... ザンネン デス!! >.<
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Wow, you are in Japan? Are you Japanese, or are you like me, a foreigner living in Japan? Either way, it is great to see another Japanese person on DeviantArt! I'm Mippa, I live in Nakano-ku in Tokyo! よろしくお願いします! m(_ _)m
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はじめまして! カスガさんのイラストをお楽しみ~! カスガさんはアニメとまんがファンですか?
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Thank you for the comment.

I am a native Japanese. I live in Matsue in Shimane now. こちらこそ、よろしくお願いします!
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Your comic strips are amazing, and so are the art here.
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Thank all of you for advices!

However, most of my comics are parody strips based on in-joke of Japanese anime fandom. Therefore it's doubtful that readers who don't know anime market in Japan can understand it. I like neither to be laughed at my comics by my unwanted way, nor to introduce the joke with its annotation.

I'm sorry. After all, this journal wa0s just a grumble for my own gallery. I should draw some pic for dA than grumbling!
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Post the japanese. There's a large group of American Deviants who would love to practice their japanese reading skills! Write the translation in the Authors Notes and they can practice (^_^)
well, its a suggestion. lol
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D: Either way. I still would like to see more work from you. I'm glad to see you've been posting more recently, though, that's a good thing.
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Well, at least you've got quite the fan club. :P
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