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My Nintendo Bikini Melee was deleted by dA staff. He has sent me the note of the deletion report. The note doesn't tell me which policy my picture had collided. But, I think that my picture might have collided with underage nudity. At least, I expressed neither racism nor anti-semitism in that picture.

Sorry, I had to be a little more modest when I submit the pictures to dA.
I participated in Eric's cult50contests recently.

Its theme is "WIKIPEDIA".
I was looking forward to the contests very much because many participants were registering on his page.


Excluding me, no one has contributed the work yet though it passed the deadline, June 15th, already. Why...?
Up to now, I have drawn 500 or more pics, but I don't submit most of them to dA.

Because they are comic strips written in Japanese, or otherwise inappropriate pics (frankly speaking, ____porns).
Today, I created the article for "deviantART" on Japanese Wikipedia, as English's translation.…

The article, however, have not been linked from other articles at all now. Only one description for dA was found in a pornography article, which was saying that "dA is the amateurs' pornographies site". (Of course, I immediately deleted it.)

dA, regrettably, seems hardly to be popular among Japanese artists yet. Especially, among anime and manga-style artists, like me.

Some of them don't know dA at all. Some others know dA, but they don't want to join by their English-phobia. Or, some others believe that Japanese need no opinion on anime-style from foreign people.

Though these situations will not change at once, I hope my article will help Japanese newcomers to join dA.
I haven't log in for a long long time...
But I came back now.

And, I apologizes to my friends who worries me.
I started to translate Bleedman's "Grim Tales" on my own website with his permission.
It must amuse many readers in Japan! :excited:…