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Zelda Rangers

By Kasuga39
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It's a cross parody of Zelda and Super Sentai series.

...But, Midna might have been better as Black Ranger.
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They’re beautiful, but cool 💙
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We're is link?
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I really like this pic. Midna might have been a better choice but that you did is awesome!
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Zelda Loli rangers cool
Dragon-Warrior-3000's avatar
This reminds me of Chojuu Sentai Liveman for some reason...
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Cute, but the irony is that Zelda isn't a ranger...Unless she's like the Gold Ranger!!!
Bacon-Lover's avatar
Did you use a base?
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OMG! I wanna draw them!!! all of them X3
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go go Zelda Rangers!!! tokusatsu sentai Zeruda (zelda's pronnunciation in japanese... i think n.nU) Rangers!!!
twili-child's avatar
weres white and orange
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Somehow my immediate thought upon viewing this is... "I'll be the big rubber-suit monster, and I'll let them beat me up n' wrestle me to the ground all they want!"
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what a neat idea. XD
GeneralIroh's avatar
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awesome crossover
EcliptorCalrissian's avatar
I know I'd watch! Midna can be their sixth Ranger (who would start out kicking their butts. 'cause that's always fun.)
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:music: Go Go Zelda Rangers! :music:
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Malon's the best! ^_^
Oldpokeshipper2's avatar
this way to add for me... but very good nevertheless! :)
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On the left, bird girl and little sister from wind waker.

On the right, forest girl and fish girl from ocarina of time.

Middle girl's iffy... Malon? The farm girl from Ocarina of Time?
Abracamoron's avatar
pretty strange, but cool in it's own way
KirstenChocolate's avatar
If this were an anime, I'd watch it. :XD:;;
windesoru's avatar
wow...very cool..
younglinkx's avatar
ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookkkkkkkkkk kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!
...... that's good but unexspected! u get a llama and like it!!!;p

it's llama time!
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Awww so cute. :D
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