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Wikipe-tan is a anthropomorphizations(Be careful you don't bite your tongue!) of [[Wikipedia]], like OS-tans. I drew her for Wikipedia's anime and manga project. And, She is handled as a mascot for the project now.
I'm so proud of her!

Wikipe-tan is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License. Therefore, you are free to use her character under the GFDL.( See [link])

:A rough sketch of Wikipe-tan is here. [link]
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© 2006 - 2021 Kasuga39
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I think that this character is the best thing to happen to Wikipedia in terms of mascots. ^_^
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lol wut ur thoughts on ae-tan?
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This is urgent... SHE'S GORGEOUS!
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She is a very cute girl that represents Wikipedia. She's getting popular.
pralinkova-princezna's avatar
:D I love this idea, and she is very popular now! :D Congrats
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Can you draw her as Yukkuri, please?
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Sorry, wrong link... Maybe you can find in wikipedia... sorry...
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Wait... I found the creator of Wikipe-tan? AWESOME!!!
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Aww, how cute she is! :D
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OH GOD!!! :star: SHE IS :star: !!! I Saw her more times when I search some information of anime and manga! I'm glad to know the Wikipi-tan's father!! :love: :love:
You draw more good!!! Why don't you do some Saint Seiya deviation?
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:heart: The jigsaw-piece shaped hairties are really clever!
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She's so cute! And I LOVE Wikipedia!!
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Oh, you are the creator of Wikipe-tan! Hah! Found you! :D
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I never actually thought I'd find her creator on DevantArt completely by accident....
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Finally I know now who is that girl in the Talk-pages in anime-related Wikipedia pages.

I will favorite it for posterity.
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Good drawing!
and of course cute loli!! ^.^
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I was always wondering what Wikipe-tan was...
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!!!! ITS THAT ADORABLE maid from wikipedia, so cute...your so lucky being able to have it up there. great piece of work
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AWW! She's adorable!!
AngelicAdonis's avatar
Holy crap! I wondered who drew the Wikipe-tan! But now I know!
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