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Mikuru, Haruhi and Yuki

By Kasuga39
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They are main characters of "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya". It is my most favorite anime currently...and, perhaps, the most interesting of all anime to be airing in Japan now!!

(c)"The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" - Nagaru Tanigawa/Noiji Itou
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Hello!!! Hey I want to ask you something… Look, I made something called : “Elige tu Dios 2011” There you can find many characters candidates to be a god for all this year, and vote for your favourite!!! Hope you vote!!! =D Thank you!!!
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ur an ms paint extrordanaire.
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It's beautiful!~ Haruhi is one of my favourite animes and all the characters look great. <3
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did u do this on paint?
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OMG! Thats awsome! It even has all 3 of 'em! Great Job!
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that toally rocks socks >w<
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This is quite possibly the most overlooked and underrated anime I've seen. Amazing oekaki and I love your style.
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This rocks so hard~
Wonderful oekaki!
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oh, you got me! I love that series. :D

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my fuxing favoite 1.5 anime >B< arhrhgg
there needs to be more fanart!
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Nice i love the faces. Scale: 7/10
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Wow!!! Great ART!!! Fav is Must

The Melancholy Suzumiya Haruhi is the Best!! ^0^
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Strangest anime I've seen.


Amazingly enough, I can sympathize with the girl in the center as being a hopelessly eccentric person.
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hehehe good job and have you seen the "God Knows" AMV?
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Extremely pretty, I really like the look and feel of the coloring and you did real well with the eyes on all three girls. Also their individual poses all seem to match their serperate personalities so good job on that as well. :)
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Really amazing^^, your style is awesome.Great job^^
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Really awesome and baggy and yeh. Amazin'
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Now that's cute. I like the designs and everything. I'm working on cute girl stories myself. Still, I know that name Suzumiya from a ren'ai game called "The Eternity That You Desire" or something similar.
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This is wonderful. Good Job!
*loves the shading*
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