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This is a Gremlins parody strip about Me-tan. Me-tan is a girl who has green pigtails.

Perhaps, a few background explanations is necessary for deviants who doesn't know OS-tans phenomenon well. Me-tan is the personification of Windows Me, which was very troublesome OS. Windows Me demanded a large amount of memory resource for operation, and it had freezed or displayed blue screen often.

Many users were not satisfied with Me. However, in 2chan, one user proposed; "We can love Me if we think Me is a young, immature housemaid?".

It was the beginning of OS-girls saga, "Troubled Windows". (See also [link] )

Hundreds of amateur artists have drawn many thousands fanarts and fancomics of Me. This internet phenomenon was featured on several magazines in Japan. You can see many OS-tans' (who are Me-tan and her sisters) fanarts in this uploader board. [link]
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ME-tan looks like some kind of baby Ferengi in that image. Then again, that's kinda what a human baby with gremlin ears would look like.
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I think the E should be capitalized. ME-tan not Me-tan.
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Windows ME! I like all the other OS-girls, they're cute and its cool how their personalities are based on how the real OS are. XP girls are chubby and eat a lot of "food" (memory) :D.

Cute comic, I hope to see more!
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I loved the troubled windows animation.
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That story explains a lot.
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LOL, I love all OS-tans.
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Even words can't describe it. XD
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I love all the OS-tan.
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I lol'd so hard :XD: This strip is awesome!

Long live to Me-tan!
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Ah great parody. :D
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I thought Me was bad but then since my last unexpected General Protection Error with Win95 made me think otherwise.

Me-tan hits 120gb hard drives with hammers. (no 48bit support)
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I can completely relate. I did all of those things they told me not to do. :C

Except the water thing. I'm smarter than that ^^;
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Ah ME-tan~~ :love: I'm still running with that OS :XD:

ME-tan is :love: though~ Great work! :clap: She looks soo cute :love:
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ZOMFG wicked cute!!!!!
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Is cute this parody, good work.
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:iconrollchan1985: would love this. Gremlins was one of her favorites growing up.
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