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Anime styled Atomic Betty

By Kasuga39
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Do you know it?
In Japan, Betty's voice is provided by the same actress who provided CureBlack's voice.
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Anime style?
Then where's the panty shot? :iconlololplz:
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I USED TO PLAY THE GAME ALL THE TIME ON MY PS. or sp. It wasn't a PlayStation. It was before the DS
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This girl is just THE greatest heroine of my childhood!
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wow!! *__* Exelent work my friend
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finally an atomic betty anime ver thats not innapropriate.

P.S i dont watch it anymore i watched it when i was ike 4 or 5
what a cute costume.....KYAAAAAH!!! anime cuteness!!!
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Wow Its the lost Saylor scout!
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this is very goood
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yaaay for atomic betty and in anime style, its so cute. I <3 atomic betty!! :meow:
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hei here something i can tell at they can get karaoke song for this tajja isen and all someone have to do is to vote for next release and go in and vote for this song on karaoke-version . com and seach tajja isen on karaoke webside and voted for this song

here someone to vote her for tajja isen,

or someone want to vote for atomic betty

just vote to be karaoke version i cant wait to get these karaoke song from tajja isen or atomic betty have a god time everyone:)
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OMG the same voice as cure black? THATS AWESOME! Can u send me a link?
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Aw! How cute! Great job!
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Please tell me how you did this and what programme did you use! please!!!!
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this is nice! I used to be a big time atomic betty fan when i was little
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aww she looks so cuuute!! i used to watch this all the time!! i was wachin it this mornin aswell coz ide not seen it in...probably 3 or 4 years XD
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You must look my fan art! Is Betty being (or costume-playing?) Cure Black!![link]
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Reminds me of the PPGZ style.
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love the shading, and the very crisp lineart as well.
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