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Noia 2.0 eXtreme For Firefox

By Kasteo
:::::::::: Noia 2.0 eXtreme edition V.3.76c ::::::::::

If you would like to make a contribution , you may send it to my PayPal account at :

This is Noia 2.0 eXtreme edition(Fully skinned) for Mozilla Firefox 3.5 - 3.6 only !

This eXtreme edition is a fully skinned version which will make it look exactly the same as the screen shot no matter what OS you are using, Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT/2000, Windows XP, MAC OSx, or Linux.

Thanks to Carlitus for the great Noia 2.0 icon set and Aaron for the JAR file(based on Smoke theme).


= = = To access the Noia Theme Option menu = = =

Goto Extensions window then access to the option in Noia 2.0 eXtreme OPT extension.

:::::::::: Code for userChrome.css ::::::::::

Dark Noia theme option :
@import url('chrome://browser/skin/subskins/Dark.css' );

Blue Shade background :
@import url('chrome://browser/skin/subskins/blueground.css' );

Rounded style menu :
@import url('chrome://browser/skin/subskins/new-officexp.css' );

Reverse effect toolbar button :
@import url('chrome://browser/skin/subskins/reverse.css' );

Rounded Tab :
@import url('chrome://browser/skin/subskins/round-tab.css' );

Cleaner look (no line and border in Toolbar) :
@import url('chrome://browser/skin/subskins/Cleaner.css' );

Purple Bookmark Folder :
@import url('chrome://browser/skin/subskins/bookmarkfolder.css' );

Aqua style Close button :
@import url('chrome://browser/skin/subskins/closebutton.css' );

Fix All-in-One Sidebar :
@import url('chrome://browser/skin/subskins/AIOS.css' );

Fix TabMixPlus extension :
@import url('chrome://browser/skin/subskins/TMP.css' );

Fix Options window problem(for localized Firefox) :
@import url('chrome://browser/skin/subskins/preferwindow.css' );

Switch off Active Tab blue color(for ColorfulTabs) :
@import url('chrome://browser/skin/subskins/NoTabs.css' );

Glass effect for Original Noia :
@import url('chrome://browser/skin/subskins/glass.css' );

Glass effect for Dark Noia :
@import url('chrome://browser/skin/subskins/dark-glass.css' );

For example, if you want to use Dark Noia theme option with Rounded Tab option, you will need to add this line into userChrome.css file

@import url('chrome://browser/skin/subskins/Dark.css' );
@import url('chrome://browser/skin/subskins/round-tab.css' );

If you have this line of code in userChrome.css file...

@namespace url('http : //www .' );

Make sure you add my code above it. If you add my code below that line of code, it will not work.


::::: Updated Noia2.0 version 3.76c [19/02/2010] :::::

- Fixed several minor bugs
- Fixed Linux specific Edit Bookmark bug.
- Introduce the new Noia Theme option extension (Thanks to Gerard).

- New Personas for Firefox will no longer work with any others theme except the default one. So if you install Personas, it will automatic switch back to the default theme.

::::: Updated Noia2.0 version 3.74 [31/01/2010] :::::

- Fixed several minor bugs
- Fixed Linux specific Edit Bookmark bug.

::::: Updated Noia2.0 version 3.73 [17/01/2010] :::::

- Update CuteMenus file (Thanks to Gerard)
- Fixed several minor bugs

::::: Updated Noia2.0 version 3.71 [09/12/2009] :::::

- Supported Treestyle Tab
- Remain some old code to still supported Firefox 3.5
- Fixed several minor bugs

::::: Updated Noia2.0 version 3.70 [01/12/2009] :::::

- Supported Firefox 3.6.
- Supported Application Tabs extension.
- Fixed multi-row Tabs bug in TMP extension (will need to enable TMP fixed option)

::::: Updated Noia2.0 version 3.68a [23/08/2009] :::::

- Improve some color and usability with the glass effect.

::::: Updated Noia2.0 version 3.67 [13/08/2009] :::::

- Experimental with the glass effect.

::::: Updated Noia2.0 version 3.66 [28/07/2009] :::::

- Fixed several minor bugs

::::: Updated Noia2.0 version 3.65 [01/07/2009] :::::

- Improve URL Text color in the dropdown menu
- Fixed Video control bug

::::: Updated Noia2.0 version 3.64 [31/05/2009] :::::

- Fixed All-In-One Gestures extension bug
- Fixed Split Browser extension bug
- Supported Firefox Personas extension

::::: Updated Noia2.0 version 3.63 [29/04/2009] :::::

- Supported Firefox 3.5 Beta 4 (Feel free to report any bugs you might found with Noia in Firefox 3.5 Beta 4)

::::: Updated Noia2.0 version 3.62(Beta) [26/03/2009] :::::

- Supported Firefox 3.1 Beta 3

::::: Updated Noia2.0 version 3.61 [08/03/2009] :::::

- Fixed several minor bugs.

::::: Updated Noia2.0 version 3.60 [10/02/2009] :::::

- Fixed several minor bugs and hopefully fixed a linux with rounded menu bug as well. (Linux user please feel free to report me about rounded menu bug.)

::::: Updated Noia2.0 version 3.59 [04/02/2009] :::::

- Due to the problem with new rounded menu style in Linux and Windows Vista system, I will restore the classic style by default with rounded style by optional.

::::: Updated Noia2.0 version 3.58 [02/02/2009] :::::

- Fixed several minor bugs and improve Office XP styling menu.
- Move the political statement from About Firefox page to About Noia page.

::::: Updated Noia2.0 version 3.57 [12/28/2008] :::::

- Fixed several minor bugs (mostly in All-in-One Sidebar extension).

::::: Updated Noia2.0 version 3.56 [12/12/2008] :::::

- Fixed several minor bugs.
- Updated code for Firefox 3.1 Beta 2.

::::: Updated Noia2.0 version 3.55 [11/15/2008] :::::

- Fixed several minor bugs.

::::: Updated Noia2.0 version 3.54 [11/07/2008] :::::

- Fixed several minor bugs.
- Restore line in Toolbar and make the option for the Cleaner look.
- Improve Dark Noia (Thanks to Doug).

::::: Updated Noia2.0 version 3.53 [10/30/2008] :::::

- Fixed several minor bugs.
- Fixed Googlebar, Googlebar lite, Google Toolbar 3, Google Toolbar 5.

::::: Updated Noia2.0 version 3.52 [10/05/2008] :::::

- Fixed several minor bugs.
- Supported Kwiclick extension.
- Supported Aging Tabs extension.
- Supported ColorfulTabs extension.

::::: Updated Noia2.0 version 3.51 [09/20/2008] :::::

- Fixed several minor bugs, especially in Dark Noia option.

::::: Updated Noia2.0 version 3.50 [09/16/2008] :::::

* Maximize the flexibility ...
--- Dark Noia theme option
--- Rounded Tab option
--- Reverse Toolbar button effect option
--- and much more...

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davidbarcomb's avatar
Cool theme. Thanks
COCOQ66's avatar
ALMIGO's avatar
Update for Firefox 4,5,6,7,... here ---> [link] !!! :-)
BaarsDesign's avatar
firefox 6 and 7... sure
DiabloV's avatar
any chance to get a ff4 compatible version ?
aris-t2's avatar
Noia 4 now contains 99% of Noia extreme features incl. options/fixes extension and many more skins (e.g. complete glass).

Noia4 v1.2
Edmort01's avatar
It's great. I miss it in FF 4. Please make a new compatible version.
aris-t2's avatar
Noia 4 v1.1.4 + Noia Options v1.1.4
- Cutebuttons extension fix
- aero Basic fix (titlebar, min-max-close buttons)
- Most Noia Extreme options are now available in Noia 4 options.
- Black / blue themes available
- FF3 themes available

aris-t2's avatar
Noia 4 v1.1.0 + Noia Options v1.1.0

Added support for some basic options. You can now switch to black theme, FF3 black theme or FF3 gray theme without using Stylish or editing your userchrome.css.

aris-t2's avatar
Noia 4 v 1.0.6
- some options through userchrome.css or stylish
- rounded tabs option
- black theme option (most important parts are black)
- brighter default toolbar option
- highter main toolbar option
BTW: black theme with Aero support.
aris-t2's avatar
Hi, its me again. Noias Hack v6 became "Noia 4". You can find it here:

- smaller tabs
- aero effects in tabbar & fullscreened tabbar
- (hopefully) fixed addonbar/statusbar issues (line...)
check and report
- fixed blurry font on bookmarks and rightclickmenu
- menubar is transparent like original ff4
- some other fixes

Issues: when you use Win7/Vista without using aero transparency effects, the titelbar/menubar/tabbar_on_top looks ugly (at least for me ;-)). No problems on XP.
quattrocchi's avatar
please!! can you update noia for the new version of firefox?????

ps: sorry but i'm italian and i don't speak english very well..
Nice hack, good job!
Can you make the tabbar smaller? Like in the firefox 3.6 version...
Will we have the configuration addon back?

Thank you very much!
aris-t2's avatar
Noia2v3.76 FF4 Hack v5
- fixed statusbar/addonbar
- fixed searchbar favicon
- using new buttons rounded by ff, as the old ones caused to many glitches
- fixed button in the info after addon-install
- fixed button in toolbar customizing window
- some minor fixes


"Noia into Nuvola 1.9.9" v10.0.5 theme hack:
aris-t2's avatar
Its not April fools sh!t. Look at Mozillas addons page, when you don't believe this.

Noia FF4 Hack v4

Noia2v3.76 FF4 Hack v4
- tabs have now correct backgrounds and sizes (ff4 default)
- ff4 button is now transparent
- url dropmarker fixed
- go/stop/reload button fixed (again)
- urlbar improved
- added more cutemenu icons (from Nuvola)
- some more fixes/changes/improvements

Noia2v3.76 FF4 Hack v3
- fixed tabs on top
- fixed FF button & menu
- a lot of oher fixes

Noia2v3.76 FF4 Hack v2
- FF4-button menu doesn't work properly, switch to menubar
- extensions menu button fixes
- go/stop/reload button fixed
- Noia options removed (didn't work on FF4)

Noia2v3.76 FF4 Hack v1
- first release (was not really usable)
- installs on FF4

Still some small glitches left here and there:
- buttons in the popup after addon-installation
- button in toolbar customizing menu
I think you can live with them ;-)

Many fixed are directly from Nuvola theme.

Runs fine on Windows 7/Vista with Aero and on WinXP. OSX maybe won't work properly.
Runs on Linux (onfirmed by sgrayban).

You can enable Noia 2.0 eXtreme by turning off compatibility checking in FireFox 4.0

Type 'about:config' in the address bar and press 'enter'
Click on 'I'll be careful, I promise"
Right Click in the body of the page and a drop down list will appear,
Select 'New,' and in the sub menu for new select 'Boolean.'
A menu will pop up saying 'Enter the preference name,' and there will be a big space for you to type, enter: extensions.checkCompatibility.4.0
then set the value of 'false'
Restart Firefox, and voila.
An updated version of Noia for FF4.0 would be great. I miss my theme since I upgraded to 4.0
YES!!!!! An updated version for 4.0 would be great. I miss my Noia since I upgraded to 4.0.
Please make a update to FF4! I also using NOJA for many years, and now the browser feel so strange!
I made a contribution to you and hope you work with them :-)

Thanks for all!!
Noia Theme is the best, I hate using firefox without it.

Please do an update.

Kind Regards
eternalgemini's avatar
Please update this Noia 2.0 extreme theme for Firefox 4.0 I have been using it for almost 5 years now :)

Thank you very much!
I registered here just to say this.


It's gotta be a lot of frustrating, boring work maintaining this theme for all these years accross so many versions of Firefox.

I've used this theme since the beginning and I'll use it as long as you provide it.

But if you decide not to release a Firefox 4 version, then I simply thank you for the versions you did provide for so long.

I don't want to use another theme, but I appreciate how long you've made this one available and how much work it must be.

Thanks again.
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