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Conjugal Visits

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She didn't know who the men and women were who came to her, all she knew was that when the hatch to her vault opened, she better did what was asked of her. If not, she knew she would regret it. And that the brief moment of relative freedom would pass more quickly than the blink of an eye before she was put back into her dirty little hole. All she could hope for was that her visitor would be so kind as to leave the heavy hatch open so that she could at least get some light.


CONTENT WARNING: This work will probably contain all or some of the following: nudity, sex, bondage, sexual violence and other BDSM related things. These things might trigger some people and are of course not meant for everyone (especially minors). If you are not into such stuff, please try to ignore this post, move on and have a nice day.

DISCLAIMER: Please keep your commons sense when consuming BDSM related stuff from the internet. Don't think things you see or read on the net display real BDSM plays or relationships. Keep all your real world actions (not only BDSM related ;)) safe sane and consensual and be aware, that fantasies posted on the net are most probably will lack one or more of these three and therefore should remain what they are: fantasies :)

If you have any questions, requests or criticism I'm always happy to chat.

Have a great day!
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Would love to see how she performs when a Woman opens the hatch!