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Heather's Weight Loss Journal, Page 2

By kastemel
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2nd page of the commission for ~Dunchester. Heather's valiant attempt to not gain weight while simultaneouly eating Travis out of house and home is going about as well as you'd expect.

Drawing girls busting out of their clothes is one of my favorite things, right alongside drawing the expressions on girls' faces as they bust out of their clothes. There's WGIU cameos in the next few pages, basic as they may be.
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Amazing weight loss system!

This fat decimator system certainly delivered as promised. I followed the instructions provided and watched the changes happen.

The fat decimator system has also helped me understand my body better in terms of how to make the most of diets and exercise.

Highly recommended!
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Wight loss journal more like wight gain journal ha ha ha lol :-)
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I like buttons flying...and blouses opening up and seams splitting too.
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While I can't draw to save my life, I will agree with you that the image of girls bursting out of their clothes and the look on their faces is just delightful.  And I like how the last expression echoes the one from the previous page when she starts her weight 'loss' journal.
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Those top two panels.... amazing! And I have to agree with Cnidarian-S5, it does appear to be a cameo appearance by Jamie! Just awesome!
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Button popping! Outstanding!
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That's what I get for not reading the commentary thoroughly first, there's multiple cameos?  I only noticed one.  At first I though those were two different angles of Heather, but I guess the girl in the back is Jamie.  This might be my favorite page because of one simple reason...ponytails, "36% more charm"- Kyon.  Button popping is always classic.
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Yes, that's Jamie chowing down in the background there. She's the only one on this page.
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Again, this is just great :) Out of curiosity, how many pages are there?
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