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Danielle's Big Plan, part 3

By kastemel
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Cue montage music! Amy takes her coaching duties seriously, it turns out. This is part 3 of a 6 part commission for Dunchester
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I like this page a ton!
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Your´s comission are amazing man! you do it better than in the first place! Excuse me for my English, í´m uruguayan lol
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I really love Danielle´s face in the last panel. Great work kastemel, can´t wait for the next part!!
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I see someone else snacking away here haha
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andy2221 is right. I would love to see Amy gradually gain weight. It would be so sexy.
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Looks like Amy's feeling a bit of the side effects ;) and wow she looks really nice with her hair down :D
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I just realized this was basically the exact opposite of Heather's workout attempt haha :)
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Dani's star shirt! My fav!
Good establishing shot in the first frame, and the subtle lighting effects are nice throughout. Can't wait for more!
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Looks like Amy's already putting it on
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I think Amy should stay as she is. She's too pretty to gain weight. That's my opinion.
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*insert rocky theme music for amy*
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Love the piercing she has.  and will she go over her goal...
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x3 she's livin the dream
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Your anatomy is really splendid in this one. 
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I hope that Amy is gonna put a lot of weight too ; D
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No doubt Amy is gonna put on weight, but like she said she would have to lose it in order to keep a job. Let's see if that claim holds up to par.
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With her breasts as big as they are, and the standards for models being what they are, I doubt she could have gotten a job as a regular model anyway, which means wherever she works they will probably love her new curves.  Speaking of Amy's breasts, maybe it's the difference in art style from when you last drew her, but her breasts seem smaller than they used to be.
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Really like this so far. Whatever happened to that experimental animal growth mix she bought?
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I was waiting for someone to mention that. I had this whole crazy sci-fi plot set up for that, but A) it wasn't what the commission asked for and B) I'm not really as into that idea as I was years ago when I set it up. I have the option to revisit it someday, I guess.
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It looks to me like except for Amy all your girls are okay/enthusiastic about the weight they're putting on.  Maybe you could have Dani share the mix with everyone and see where that goes
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Heather is ambivalent, really, as is Gloria. I haven't gotten back around to Megan yet, who is definitely not okay with putting on weight. They all seem to gain pretty well without help at this point.
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Well regardless it's awesome to see more of the WGU crowd. 
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