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Danielle's Big Plan, part 2

By kastemel
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Danielle reveals her plan to, who else? her roommate Amy. Amy is more than aware of Danielle's eagerness to gain, but she's kept her distance up til now. She may not be into it, but she knows a financial opportunity when she sees one. This is page 2 of 6 of Dunchester's commission
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I think Amy is my favorite.  I hope she returns in more stories.
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This is wonderful. I can't wait to see more of this story.
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after this story is done can you do a story on Meg and Gloria?
berserker1133's avatar
Amazing job kastemel!! can´t wait to see where it goes :DDD
EnergyToBeauty's avatar
Cute couple. Nice story.
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Enjoyable beginning.
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I think amy is still going to put on a few. Even so she's got killer curves now! Wow
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Definitely need to bow down to kastemel and Dunchester's 
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Dunchester is a damn hero.
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Hope she's not stealing food from work; actually she shouldn't be eating during work either.  She needs permission.  Sorry, I watch "Mystery Diners" and other similar shows.  Please, keep it platonic, but it's a commission so I'm not hopeful.  I just really liked Amy (except for her smoking), was sad that her story ended up so up in the air.  It's cool that you can just see her belly from the overhead angle.
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Let's assume they were planning on just throwing out the old baked goods. Danielle is just taking them home instead! Everyone wins.

Amy is a favorite of mine as well, because she's more subtle a character than Danielle and Jamie and Heather. I'd love to get back to my original plans for her at some point, but we'll have to see.
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I hope that they don't enforce that.  I work in a bakery myself, and recently several people were fired for taking old stuff that was supposed to be thrown away.  The rule is that if there isn't someone picking up the donated leftovers, they are to be thrown away and ONLY thrown away.  Taking what's going to be thrown away home is considered theft by the company, as it encourages employees to "save" items they want during the day that can be "found" later and then ask if they can take the "leftover" home.
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I love Danielle's eyes in the food pantry. Nice touch!
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I like where this is going! :D
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The King of Weight Gain Comics returns!  ALL HAIL THE KING!  LONG LIVE THE KING!

srsly tho... between this and Eclipse... it's a good time to be a Kastemel fan!
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Fantastic! Is she wearing a belly shirt or just a really tight shirt?
kastemel's avatar
tight t shirt. it has a stripe across the chest
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Ha ha pretty cute so far; I look forward to seeing more
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Amy returns! I see she has a tiny belly bump. :D lol
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