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Danielle's Big Plan, Part 5

By kastemel
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The scale is out, and a certain elephant in the room is addressed.
Also, I feel like I forgot to mention* in part one but you guys are a bunch of smarties so you probably figured it out, but the beginning of this comic overlaps with the time period in page 3 of Heather's Weight Loss Journal How far in the timeline have we travelled? We'll have to see on the next and final page of this story.

Part 5 of 6 of Dunchester's commission.  

*Edit: I DID mention it! I'm the smartie! :D
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Five hundred would be the quarter-of-a-ton achievement.
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She gained over 200lbs in how long? According to the Weight Loss Journal, it seems like only 3-4 months.  I know it's a comic... but damn...
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Amy's a really good coach tho
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wish I had her as my coach
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been working on it all week. it is very close to done
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Amy has perfect curves.
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Amy is looking amazing with the new weight I think she has great plus size modeling career ahead of her
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I smell sequel 
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That's not weird AT ALL!!!!!
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can you do megan and and Gloria after part 6?
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Oh man Danielle on the couch...what a frame!
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However, Amy's smirk in the first panel is simply drop-dead gorgeous.  There are so few lines describing her features, but it works just perfectly.
Throughout this whole arc, Amy's features have been subtle but highly expressive--a book contained in a word, so to speak.  She's a great foil for Danielle's exuberance, and it gives her character an aura of self composure and elegance (which makes sense for a model), which is probably why I like it so much.
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Danielle looks so big and hot. and I hope you do another series where Amy decides to finally let go and join the ranks with Heather and Danielle. :) (Smile) 
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There finally gonna meet again that's awesome 
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when the last part?
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Well we might have to commission more to see how things turn out.
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Nice how much does Amy weigh now
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My notes say 210. Apparently that's what I was going for.
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It would be cool if u made her as fat as amy 😏
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I meant dani oops
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*Picks up jaw from the floor*
Fantastic job! :D
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Finally yes have been waiting for days
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