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The never ending dream

By Kastelkreuz
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In this lifetime I've seen many things, I've been to many places. I know how to steal a sad man's smile and how to rise the anger of an empire. I know what is the dream of this world. "But when will you let me know what do you need to find peace" I say, and my fingers touch one last time the mirror.

Yes. A revamp of that old drawing. I couldn't see the old version without ramming my head into the wall, so I made this newer version.

Sorry for spamming your inbox with this, more serious art will follow.

Done with dip pen, brush, black ink and water.
Thanks for viewing, have a fantastic day. :)
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Sooo awesome!!!
Pebbles6's avatar
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great concept.
superstarmario17's avatar
That looks really good, I love how you made it look like i was really old and dreary
TomieDaisuke's avatar
I can't help but keep tilting my head to get a good view of it, awesome job! :)
PuffenMuffen's avatar
Very interesting <3 I love the idea and how the art makes the viewer think and ask about it :)
allyalltheway's avatar
oh, the surrealness in this is very great :) nice job on the wolf especially!
Gambaransakti's avatar
amazing tree, awesome :D
SecretWitch5's avatar
he haz a tophat O: awesomeness!!!!!!!!! I lovez the tree & wolf too :3
Miyancaoi's avatar
extra ordinary :D
tennisbunnyrox's avatar
this is very interesting...i love it! :)
roamingtigress's avatar
What a fascinating piece. I trained my on it for some time. I love the concept as well as the sepia tone.
tfilipova's avatar
amazing work! i really love the composition!
SketchChemist's avatar
Woah! This is pretty damn cool. It caught me a little off guard, but the dual sides are awesome. I also like the way that the trees from the top meet the other ground at a small flower (that was a nice touch).
AkihaNightshade's avatar
This is amazing. It's very simple and it works for the concept. Fabulous job!
KikiKojaKrpiKrpu's avatar
It's beautiful, both drawing and writing.
HeavyRainIsFalling's avatar
Very unique and interesting concept, its very stunning work :)
bigheartedgirl's avatar
a very unique concept!!
jana17's avatar
gread idea *_*
its wonderful
stickfigureparadise's avatar
I like how the tree is growing upside down; it makes me wonder whose world is 'real' in this picture. I also like how you used the diffeent medias; it makes for an interesting piece.
cleveroctober's avatar
It reminds me of a reverse 'alice in wonderland' or a 'twilight zone' theme. Interesting idea.
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O: Ohay. I like this a lot <3
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