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Hello all.

I will linger around on DA for a while, but I will probably not be posting art here anymore. I will be moving my art over to PaperDemon, I'm always available via discord, Kassumi#7921.

I apologize for any lack of updates or further involvement in any groups. I’ve been struggling a lot these days. I know we are all struggling with Covid19 these days and I can’t blame anyone. It’s tough and stressful.


I’ve been in a struggling spiral downwards into depression. And while I’m doing my best to stay strong for my daughter and my husband, it really is tough. He’s also struggling and it breaks my heart to see.

Back in mid November my husband and I went on a little vacation for the weekend, just us. It was lovely and a much needed break from the summer grind. My girl stayed with my in-laws and had a great time being spoiled. The weather was pretty typical of Victoria in the ‘winter’, warm and cold, and sunny and rainy at the same time. I slipped down some stairs and fractured my tailbone. It was painful and I couldn’t sit for the next month, took about 3 months for it to finally feel better, and it’s still been a bit tender since.

Two days after we got home, my washing machine and dishwasher died. I spent a week trying to find someone to repair them, but there was noone in town who would. Went to Home Depot to see if they had repair options to find out they had sales. Yay Black Friday sales in Canada. We saved a bunch of money purchasing a washer, dryer and dishwasher. More money than we wanted to spend of course, but was still handy to save some cash.

Some of you may know already, but on Dec 6th my father-in-law passed away suddenly. He was a great man, well loved by all and well known in the community. He was more of a father to me than my own father was. I miss him dearly and we have been struggling since.

We’ve been closed a lot over the holidays, mostly due to grieving. I know we need to move on and keep going. Such is the way of life, but it still hurts and the oddest things will remind me of him. Anytime I see photos or old comments on my pictures that he made I break down in tears.

When I finally came back to check DA I found out I had won a dracostryx raffle import. On the same day of his passing. With the theme of Red Velvet cake, one of his favorite treats. Like some weird twist of fate, to me, he’d been reincarnated into a dracostryx raptor. I know it sounds crazy and stupid, but that's what your brain does sometimes. I have yet to be able to draw the raptor, and I cry everytime I look at it. But maybe one day I can manage it.

And since then we’ve been struggling. Just when I thought we were getting somewhere in life. Recovering from the loss of money due to closures and broken appliances, Covid19 hit.

We were closed for two weeks once the warnings went out in our area. After that we did reopen with severely reduced hours, take out only, and minimal staff. Only my husband, his brother, and their mother worked. (owners of the restaurant) They did not get paid either, not enough money coming in. They managed to keep the business afloat, which is important to us as our entire family relies on the restaurant for our livelihood.

I’ve been out of work for the last two months. Two weeks ago I went back, but not during regular hours. I still didn’t have anyone to watch my girl while we are both working. We had opened back up for the regular hours of operations, but only 5 days a week instead of 7. We are still severely short-staffed, but the business is making so much less money that we couldn’t pay more staff anyways. So my shifts are crazy early, before opening. And then again after closing.

I get to make breads and prep all the food. It’s rather peaceful in the morning. I am supposed to be doing some baking, new items and trying to promote takeout items. I was finally feeling like I had purpose again.

I had done a few of our old recipes, because they were nice and haven’t been done in years. The mother-in-law threw a hissy fit and said those baked goods never sell. She’s not wrong, but that crushed the little motivations I had. My husband suggested to not use any of the old recipes when baking and only use new recipes. Took me a week to feel better about it. But I did manage a new item and it seemed to go well. Made watermelon fudge, it’s super cute looking too. I’m going to try making sweet rolls with a raspberry filling next. Ordered some new spices to make soups and other fudges too. Here’s hoping!

And of course we all know, DA launching their eclipse in its current format, really didn’t help as I was going to DA and Discord for my relief. But now I want to avoid it. And it’s not been helpful for my emotional state.

I’m sorry for the ranting.

I hope you guys are all doing well considering the circumstances of the world.

I hope to become more motivated again. I have managed to pass the time working on Dragons of Aquella stuff. :3

You guys are awesome, and I hope I can keep up with this new DA to watch you all.

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