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Let's get to work !

By kassousminou
Here I present to you : Queen very first training with something serious. As she is now 4, RRD staff as started to slowly break her. And at the same time, they are trying to get her horrible temperament to go down a bit. With her parent's success in competition, they are hoping she will have a good career, but she will never be able to compete if she still is so detestable.

RRD Queen Black Pearl by kassousminou

Private Lineart by *Vox-Morda
Snow tutorial :
Tree shading and snowing tutorial :…
Fence brush : 
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This is amazing. I love the pose she has and the coloring was done very well. I can see the detail in her face and mane, as well as her equipment and body structure. I can tell a lot of time was put into the background, and the blurred look you gave the snow on the trees makes Queen stand out more, like a camera focusing on the front ground.

The back legs look a bit off to me. I would have brought the back left hoof down a bit more and buried her hooves more in the snow (or given the snow more detail) - The shaded snow below looks great though, nice idea. Remember though, it doesn't have to look like a photograph so not everything I say you should fix to look like one ;) just giving suggestions. The snow on the tail is a nice touch, and the dark skies are perfect.

Beautiful piece. :clap:
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Thanks for your comment :meow: Though, I cannot take the credit for the lineart, as it was made by *Vox-Morda
But I did the background and coloring, so I'm happy for the comments :meow:
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Ahh, this has so much life now it's coloured! :D
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I loveee it soo much ! The lineart was perfect and thanks to you I was inspired to do this wondeful background :O
Vox-Morda's avatar
Fabulous! Hehe, I'm very glad you liked it so much ;)
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Wow this is amazing! I love the equipment and the lines are impeccable. :heart: ;u;
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well, you should congratz the artist that made the line :meow: she is amazing !
but thanks !
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Oh well sorry about that. But your coloring looks amazing and the background is really fantastically done. With more practice I'm sure you won't have to use someone else's lines. :)
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ahahah :P I don't, I do well myself when I trace ... it's just that I like something easy sometimes :P
but thanks ^^
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