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Issue: i

In this article I am including deviations that I have favourited and collected since signing up for deviantART in December 2008

Photography & Photomanipulations

:thumb54888615: :Enjoy_your_breakfast_ by nocturnalMoTH Rosa by LadyUndone Light Magic by Sortvind The Fantasy by BeatingHeart Liaisons of lies by WildRainOfIceAndFire Ghost whisperer by ValentinaKallias Sleepy leaves by ValentinaKallias Fantasy by MiraDemona Well of Souls by Karezoid


:thumb44148606: wallpaper design by SneakOne :thumb72546682: wallpaper by Visionis :thumb65890908:


Treasure by kris-wilson Cinderella by kris-wilson Wheat by kris-wilson Scars by kris-wilson Happened by kris-wilson


Why I boycotted fandoms. by lostforeveragain Comment Before You Favourite by BoffinBrain ::Insomniac Stamp:: by Sora05 Bad Mood Stamps Smiling by stamps-club


:thumb102953873: Bug attack by barleypie :thumb169260371: :powerpoke: by LeoLeonardo :Cowabunga: by MenInASuitcase


:thumb142538549: i'll leave youIn a panic stricken panic room,
With walls of thickest lead,
Panic struck a broken heart,
Which in that panic fled.
I'd rather be out here alone,
Than with you in that room,
A room of painful, cutting words,
A room built like a tomb.
With a racing heart and racing mind,
And painful throbbing head,
At least I've gone away from you,
I'd rather be found dead.
I stumble, twist, and cause a sprain,
My end is drawing near,
That end of lonely bitterness,
That fills me now with fear,
On hands and knees I'm crawling now,
Across a dirty tiled floor,
And down a hall I've walked before,
That leads me to your door.
All that's left to do is knock,
I know you'll let me stay,
But I've already hurt you so,
I'd rather crawl away.
:thumb150325661: Eat"Oy, let me see your calorie card!" The skinny man at the hotdog stand demanded, holding my hotdog just out of reach.
I sighed and dug the plastic out of my pocket, handing it to him with a sour grimace on my face.  I was sure I had already exceeded my allotted 1500 calories for today, but I was just so darn hungry.  Seriously, what was one hotdog going to do to my figure anyway?
He shook his head as he swiped it through the scanner.  "Sorry girlie.  This hot dog is 242 calories.  You only have 10 calories left for today."  He shooed me away in preference of those with enough calories on their card to afford his food.
My stomach grumbled its complaints all the way home.   If I had really wanted that hotdog I could have gone to the gym and earned more calories on my card, but I really wasn't in the mood for exercise.
It started in California, taking hold among the mothers who didn't want their kids to become fat
The Gentle WindI can feel the soft wind on my face. It's gentle caress, soothing like a mother's touch. I wonder how long it has traveled to bring me such warmth. How many people beside me has it shown it's kindness to. I stand here with my eyes closed feeling the wind guide me. It talks in whispers, in shouts. Whatever it takes to get my attention, but once caught I always listen with my entire being. The wind treats me like a lover, keeping me in it's warm embrace when i need it, scolding me when I have done something I shouldn't have done. No other being can hope to take it's place, for the wind is always with me. It has been there when I was conceived, and will be there when I die. Always by my side. Maybe, just maybe, I will be one with the wind then. conversation with my window."what're you staring at?"
"you're staring at something. you're staring at me."
"that's because you're my window. you're there for me to look through."
"is that all i am to you? just a window?"
"well, kind of. yes."
"ever noticed how i'm always locked, to keep the bad things away?"
"demons can sift through even locked windows."
"yes but demons aren't real. or, well, the ones i'm talking about. haven't you noticed how my blinds are always open just enough for the moonlight to to reach your bed at midnight? and haven't you noticed how i heat up this lovely little chair over here for you to sit in when you get home? ever noticed how comfortable it is?"
"'re serious?"
"as serious as a window could be."
"how serious is that?"
"ask yourself where you'd be without me. alone in a dark room, that's where. when you were in the fourth grade, and you had to draw that picture of your room, did you leave me out? no. admit it, i'm important to you, too. but it feels like you're
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SneakOneStudent Interface Designer
Thank's for adding my wallpaper to this feature :D
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Kassi-KamiraHobbyist Writer
You're welcome!:la:
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WildRainOfIceAndFireProfessional Photographer
thank you! :iconmimose-stock:
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Kassi-KamiraHobbyist Writer
You're welcome.:iconcutieplz:
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LadyUndoneHobbyist Digital Artist
thank you hugely, dear! i am very honoured :love:
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Kassi-KamiraHobbyist Writer
You're welcome.:iconcheerplz:
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I am really faltered that you feature me so often...:blush: thank you so much :hug:
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Kassi-KamiraHobbyist Writer
You're welcome.:huggle:Although it's quite a mixed collection - then I realised how many of your pieces I've favourited, so did an artist-specific article section.:giggle:
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InvaderMarHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you soooo SO much for the 2 features of my emoticons!!! Much appriciation and love! :glomp: :love: :heart: :+fav:

and awesome features you put here too! <33333
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Kassi-KamiraHobbyist Writer
You're very welcome.:la:
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vital-organsHobbyist Writer
Thank you for the feature! It's greatly appreciated. <3
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Kassi-KamiraHobbyist Writer
You're welcome.:party:
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Ahhh! :heart: Thank you so much for the feature, I'm very glad you liked it! I'll have to look over the other works too.
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Kassi-KamiraHobbyist Writer
You're welcome.:)
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