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Here are some deviations from my favourites folder which I think deserve a little more recognition.

As this is my first feature, bear with me, it might not be all sunshine and roses.:worry:

: : l i t e r a t u r e . f e a t u r e s : :
:thumb140209572: I Died When You DidYou know those hours, days, weeks, when you wish you were anywhere but the place you were? When each minute drags by, prolonging the moment until you just want to scream. When everything goes black, the shutters come down and you withdraw into yourself, to such depths that you can never resurface. Never come back. You drown in the pure, undiluted pain of your wound.
Each second of the clock, each tick-tock-tick teased me, taunted me; with each jerk of that ever-moving hand.
Reminds me.
Haunts me.
Time ran out. I failed. And now I had nothing to live for, for what purpose is there to live when the person you live for is torn away from you? My foundation was ripped away from beneath me, and I fell, I fell hard and deep.
No sign. No nothing. In my mind I am a trapped bird, my feathers losing their sheen, my eyes becoming strained through lack of light and my wings folded uselessly at my side, the muscle and intent wasted. I will never fly again, never taste the joys of laughter and youth.
The Dance of LifeThere I see her. We've come out here to partake in a little dance, but she takes the floor as usual. I don't mind, watching her is like watching what is good in the world. Rarely do I get a performance that is this good with anything else. That is not to say that I don't enjoy the dance myself. We bob and weave throughout the other dancers, mixing partners, sometimes even ending up together again before splitting again. She is much more flashy, and entrancing. Like a mythological beauty who steals men's hearts. Unfortunately she has stolen mine, but she does not know. She may never know. With all the courage I can muster, I still can't seem to tell her. Despite all we've been through, and all that we will go through. Maybe one day we will dance together, then she can understand my feelings for her. Only through my blade can I truly convey my desire for her. Only through this dance of death can life ever truly be found.:thumb150325661: More Issues Than A NewspaperChapter One: More Issues than A Newspaper.
A young girl at the age of three,
I had no idea what was happening,
but You knew..
didnt you?
Everything you did to me,
every dark secret you made me keep,
its okay you told me,
but You knew...
didnt you?
The chains you wrapped around my mind,
as you slowly stripped me of my innocence,
I was to young to stop you,
and you knew...
didnt you?
Then she ran,
she took me away,
cause of all the times you hit her,
and all the things you said,
when she left,
she knew...
didnt she?
Then she let me go,
for my own good,
to try and protect me,
cause youd come back,
she knew you would...
and you did...
didnt you?
You came back,
and tried to take me away,
steal me from where I was safe,
but now I knew,
and I told on you.
Now You were the one running.
You were the one in danger,
but there was a difference between you and me,
You deserved it.
and I didnt...
did I?
and now all these years later,
after all the pain youve caused,
the healing I
i'll leave youIn a panic stricken panic room,
With walls of thickest lead,
Panic struck a broken heart,
Which in that panic fled.
I'd rather be out here alone,
Than with you in that room,
A room of painful, cutting words,
A room built like a tomb.
With a racing heart and racing mind,
And painful throbbing head,
At least I've gone away from you,
I'd rather be found dead.
I stumble, twist, and cause a sprain,
My end is drawing near,
That end of lonely bitterness,
That fills me now with fear,
On hands and knees I'm crawling now,
Across a dirty tiled floor,
And down a hall I've walked before,
That leads me to your door.
All that's left to do is knock,
I know you'll let me stay,
But I've already hurt you so,
I'd rather crawl away.
:thumb90734759: the things of sweet and goldenover steaming cups
of caffeinated drinks,
(i sipped coffee
but you always preferred tea)
you speak to me
as if we were equal,
as if i could measure up
to who you are.
the words were but fragments
that slipped off your tongue
like tar
but that may just be
the cigarette's talking.
your voice sticks
in my mind,
in my heart,
and trickles down my throat
like warm honey.
(i never particularly favored it
but maybe it was because
i'd be stung
too many times to trust
the things of sweet and golden)
the windows fog with desperation
and rain paints trails
of lost conversation.
my tongue is sticking
to the roof of mouth
and i believe
i'm falling in love
:thumb161425539: OrdinaryMost people fall in love with the extra-ordinary.
Dear me,
You are not most people; never for a moment try to believe you are. You stand out from the crowd, with your quiet ways and subtle humor, and, in the beginning, that's horrifying. But soon enough, you will learn to lift your eyes and set your jaw; you will learn the word no when it comes to fools; you will live emblazoned over the world like a fiery rainbow.
You will learn many, many things in the coming years.
You will learn to smile with all the vibrancy you have tucked away inside of you, and you will learn to be that other kind of beautiful. The kind that dreamers and thinkers are. You will grow your hair out - yes, down to your waist like you always dreamed - and it will tickle your elbows when you laugh. You will define your own fashion sense - not what's popular, but something entirely unknown and entirely you. And it will be more than ordinary.
You will learn to laugh and cry and love and talk. You w

: : v i s u a l . f e a t u r e s : :
Eloquent Contrast by kara-lija non title1 by Ryohei-Hase Rosa by LadyUndone:thumb131402768: hello there by sandara Liaisons of lies by WildRainOfIceAndFire :we caught on fire: by GabrielleBrickey Raven Quill UPDATE AGAIN by Asenceana :Enjoy_your_breakfast_ by nocturnalMoTH:thumb54888615::thumb139389945: Sleepy leaves by ValentinaKallias Light Magic by Sortvind Ruins And Dead Ends by CainPascoe

: : s h a m e l e s s . s e l f - p r o m o t i o n : :
Make-Believe Monochrome BeautyDarling, I still don't know why you won't believe in beauty, because you're flush with it darling.
I don't have a clue why you don't think love exists darling, because sweetheart, you're drowning in it.
Honey, I have no idea why little trinkets are littering the treasure chests that clog up your bedroom. Because who needs treasure when you've got treasure, is that right dear?
Why, darling?
Why do you peer out from underneath a moss-stained rock when you could skip rocks across the pond right over here darling? Because I'd love to know what's happening in your head right now.
Which way is up now angel? Because I'm drowning in your make-believe while I try to save you from the coral leaves at the bottom of this briny water.
Can you tell me sweetheart, am I living in a beautifully monochrome world, or has all the colour been sucked from my life because you left me darling. Because I'd like to know which joker is mine since you hold the ace of spades.
Ink-Scarred FingertipsYour tears are beautiful; licking your cheeks like little shards of lightbulb glass as you claw at your face with ink-scarred fingertips. Grimace like the behind-the-scenes of a sleepy lullaby as tiny rubies caress the hollows in your face.
The dawn is coming dearest, and the glittering halo reflecting off the sapphire and turquoise in the bay will turn the gemstones dripping from your jawline to Pegasi, and he'll scoop you up and take you up above the nightmares and sorrow where they can't reach your trailing dreams.
Ribbons flow behind you as rivulets fall from your hazy breath, drizzling sugar across the sweet-stained clouds. Little crystals of amethyst and diamond, nestling in the down of the cushions of the heavens.
The tiniest of droplets whets your appetite for rain so that you can dance in a spider-woven ballgown when your dearest darling envelops you in arms formed of cloud-dust and love's breath.
Little words of love flow from between your thinly-boned fingers fluttering acro
Colour-Stained Ribbons..DreamsYou're peddling sorrow at your little colour-stained store. Different shades of every ribbon, different threads and fabrics. But the most ribbons you sell are always a shade of sorrow. Some of the ribbons are sopping wet, dripping tears and whispers.
But some of the sorrow is bright and echoes with laughs of joy and shouts of anger. Memories, these ones, how some of the little people selling their souls carry their sadness. By filling their minds with tales of regret and what-if's, never once thinking I can do this.
Tiny feathers creep under your pillow at night, whispering sweet words across your lips, breathing stories into your dreams. Bright colours flash across your sleep-blackened eyelids, entrancing the visions haunting your nights, creeping into the stories you weave in the air in your colour-stained ribbon shop.
Breathe In...Breathe Out...Breathe in
Just a little more time, please? That's all that you're asking of me. How could I say no? But I will, I have no choice. Why? That's what you want me to answer. But how can I possibly tell you? I will though, even though it will crush my frozen heart into a zillion tiny stars, and I know it will rip your still-beating one into miniscule shreds.
Breathe out
How can you do this to me? That's what you're screaming at me as you weep. How can I tell you that I still want you in my arms? I want to feel the sobs wracking your body stutter through the fabric of our clothes, just so that I can say I tried not to hurt you. But why would anybody believe such a lie? Because it's a lie, wanting to feel your pain and desire for comfort means that I want your hurt, of course I would have you wrenched from my arms so that people more deserving of your halo could protect you.
Breathe in
Leave. Just leave. That's what you're whispering in my ear now that your tears have ru
Stretchmarks on the SkyThere's a glass facade painted across the sky. But look closer and you'll realise that they're really stretchmarks that have tainted the blue because your words were beautifully harsh when you screamed to the heavens that it simply wasn't fair.
There's slivers of glass cresting the waves. But if you could see what was happening behind the shimmering of the shards you would see the blood-soaked sand at the bottom of the world because it bled for you when she took your heart away.
There are glinting gemstones hidden behind the trees. But if you saw through the branches you would know that they were nothing more than starlight glancing off of snowflakes drenched in the tears you wept as you dug a grave that you couldn't bear to fill.
There's a silver fire lighting up the night sky. But when you can look at it without being blinded you'll find out that all it is is a ball of white and gold light that's become grey with the effort of holding your chin up to see the pearls running down your
Hiding from the NightmaresI'm sipping caffeine, trying to stay awake that little longer, just to stay away from the nightmares.
You know the ones, the ones that wake you with piercing screams and leave you marked with bruises as you gently shake me awake and I take an eternity to come alive.
I'm sorry, so very sorry, that your once pale flesh is violet and your face is raked with burgundy. Despite your ravaged features, you still come in every night to soothe me, to kiss the tears away as if they are precious pearls, to wipe the crystalline mask from my face, to caress the violent quivers from my fragile body.
You always tell me that if you could, you would take the horrors away, and I sadly tell you I wouldn't be strong enough to see you shattered and glistening like that. But you say that I'm stronger than anyone, else the fear would strangle me.
Every single night I lie trembling in your arms, amazed at how you are never choked by the fear weighing down the air around us. I wonder if you see the shadows prow
Run-Out-of-Time Lovevelveteen rubies, opalescent in shape, they fall from their setting as they wither and flake.
what dear, just roses,
not gleaming nor clear,
but precious my dear.
why love, they're like love,
prickly and soft love
thorned love and loved love
but love nonetheless
now love, here's my love
to keep to your heart
will i have your love?
dear sweet, my sweet sweet
sweet love on your sleeve
this love like a dream
is it bittersweet?
so love, where's my love
that love that was sworn
don't say it's been torn
so love, 'twas bad love
broken apart love
sad love, unloved love
choked love, death-blow love
so love...
you say you'll love me forever. but tell me, my sweet, what happens when forever runs out of time?
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