Twilight Sparkle Sniper for TF2 project

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Hi all, i put online the project for Twilight sniper, to be funded  via paypal at:


Note that, your pledge will be actually made only if the project reach the goal,
so that if it didn't, you won't be charged.

Rewards were required so i put with what i could come with.

Thank you in advance for helping me support this project!
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Herpy-Derp-Perv's avatar
You gonna work on other model for now?
Phendyl's avatar
Unlikely, but we do hope.
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Now that this is over, how about one for berry punch demo?
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Uhhquestion why would you need funding for a custom model to be made into a game your not gonna charge people for it are you
Pyrofreak471's avatar
I just wanna say, you're awesome.
DrackenScratch's avatar
sooo how goes the project? any news or updates to be had?
Hello, it's finished, should be available soon.
With other updated mods (festive weapons fix)
DrackenScratch's avatar
oh nice good here its done. cant wait try it out
MetroGamerX's avatar
Danke for actually making me wait for a new sniper mod
Hundashter's avatar
have you ever considered creating pony skins for Left 4 Dead 2? or somehow converting the ones that you've already made? I know very little about re-skinning things, so I have no idea how hard it would be to do either of the things i just suggested
Gabezilla97's avatar
There are some(of Kassgrein's I think) pony mods out on the workshop.
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XrAiNeViLx's avatar
0o new tf2 sniper twilight sparkle mods
TheRoidyPegasus's avatar
Congrats on the fully funded project! And in time to boot! When do you think the model might be released?
I have something to finish first (not too long) at best, i'll start that next monday, at worst the next wednesday.
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looking at the comments on ulule for the project. you're under fair use definitely. what you're getting the funds for is time and effort. that's time you have to take from other areas. and since the model itself will be free in the end, there shouldn't be a problem. Haters gonna hate alright, the person in the comments seems like a snobby little punk wannabe, especially since their first comment was basically demanding you do them for free. you've done scout, demo, pyro and sniper so far, you're now going back to making the fan favorites, they're in no right to demand you do it for free.

Besides that, nothing required him to donate, so he shouldn't complain.
i wish that other guy never commented, it's possibly why i lost two supports, but the project reached the goal so it's ok. :D
Fireblast133's avatar
if they're swayed by an idiot's self servings "comments" (really they seemed closer to a personal attack on you), then i say screw em.
It's maybe a little too far to go on the pledge retractors that way, sadly somes don't know me well and get my reputation or character from somepony else opinion... That's where i take the most damage...
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look at it this way, there's enough people here willing to fund your time making this. In all honesty it's impossible to please everyone, so you're better off not trying to please them all, or noone will be pleased.
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It was funded 100% and someone removed their $50 donation :( Will the model still be made even if the ulule thing isnt funded?
What my project definitely need to be validated is 10 5$ contributors...
Well 300$ is the lowest price i could go down for, it's basically 14$ day...!
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Just wondering, are you planing on doing an Applejack Engineer?
I know it's already been done before, but the one that's out looks really ugly and/or creepy. I personally like your models moar. :3
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