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Sadly Megaupload is down over piracy issue, and all the download links to my mods as well.
I'm debugging all my current mods (Rainbow Dash, Luna, Celestia, Zecora) and once ready, i'll put them back in one submission.

Also, i plan to remove my Rainbow Dash scout mod from TF2mods, were they are too much users hating it, and put it here instead.

Thank you for your patience!
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What a you make now
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...So you intend to put up the de-bugged models on Megaupload once the site is running? As well as migrating the RD/scout there as well?
As I never had luck with Megaupload, I would still humbly request that you upload to a secondary location as well. Also, I've gotten most of my pony-related TF2 skins from - would it be possible for them to host you models as well?

Just a few thoughts. Still loving the scout model! I've been using Scootaloo to beat down heavies all afternoon. :D
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Saddly megaupload is forever dead
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Hmmm... To tell the truth, I'm not to surprised. Makes me wonder where Kassgrein is intending to upload to.
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gl with your work
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Double post...sorry.
System is damn confusing...
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Try Mediafire. It doesn't have any delays or download limits as far as I am experienced with it.
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Try mediafire. It's fast and painless, although the only experience I've had is downloading pony remixes from it...
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I am using all the models you have created good sir! Looking forward to the debugged ones. That bombinomicon on Celestia has always creeped me out a hair.
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Very much looking forward to this! I love all of your models so far, and my only complaint right now is that Dashie's hands don't appear in the first person view of the scattergun and bat.
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Oooohh, wonderful!! :heart: :iconiloveitplz:
Sorry, I just sent you a note about that, but it seems you've got everything under control~ :heart::icontongueblush:
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oooh, THANK UUU!!!! I want to get Luna and Molestia SOOOOOOOO BAAAAAAAAAAAD!!!!!!!!! :o
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I take it one of the things you are fixing is the scattergun animations on the scout view models? They were really buggy.
Hello there, check your PMs on youtube, I might have something interesting for you ^^
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Wont dont you send them to the website i gave you? I'll put it again here: [link]

it is a dedicated website to MLP FiM Tf2 skins. I don't think you would have any problem with piracy issues on it. Hasbro has been pretty cool with their internet fans.
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I meant "Why", not "Wont". Sorry about the mistake.
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Awesome. Can't wait to see improvements in these models. Not... that they're great as they are... Just to, you know... fix dem bugs :x
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