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Zecora mod for TF2 release version

Youtube demonstration video:

Things that are still bugged, but over my fixing capabilities:
-eyes (still works in modelviewer)
-smiley will disappear after the first taunt with the grenade launcher
-christmas decorations will not attach on the weapons in the 1st person view mode (still works in modelviewer)
-grenade launcher ammo will "hover" with the hand during reloading animation.

The mod will be reuploaded once debugged.
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DJWaffle027's avatar
you're weapon viewmodels are bugged (arms all that) not sure if it's with or without the vanilla weapons they're bugged for some reason... well I play VSH (actually Freak Fortress 2) alot and when I go demoknight... and start moving backwards the crit spark effects mess up my vision making me ... well having near demoman vision... please if you can fix this please...
Install the lastest version and give your results, it works fine on my client (didn't changed my demo files since Pyroland)
Sorry for late reply, I'm usually not on deviantart that much so I never saw this message but I'm not sure if it works or not, sorry
Rock-Raider's avatar
*big smile* Awesome. I hope Applejack the Engineer will be sometime soon.
g-weegee's avatar
plus cant you tyr give her a tribal outfit or something fitting
g-weegee's avatar
cant you change were the bottle go becuse she takes it toward her eye in the demostration
manhell2011's avatar
cool but do class
sniper:twilight sparkle

pyroinkie pie






and faster plez fast work ok

Kev-Dee's avatar
just like everyone else here... pleading for you to upload to rapidshare or something
Deathisnear24's avatar
Damnit why does megaupload have to be taken down a few days b4 i find these mods? ::(:(:(:(:(:(:
CodeRedWP's avatar
Upload to Rapidshare bro.
MikeyTheFox's avatar
Might need to host it somewere else mate since Megauload is now dead -sadface-
I love your mod and use them all the time. If I could suggest what model to make next, I would like to see Big Macintosh as the heavy. I personally liked him the most in the show and he would be the most fitting as the heavy.

Keep up the good work.
Sorry. Double post
Hi there. I love these mods and I use them all the time. I am really hoping that your next pony will actually be Big Macintosh as the heavy. I love him the most and would love to see him as the heavy.
KommunistKensei's avatar
I hope you've got your credit card ready,


Because Zecora's about to charge.


*ahem* but awesome work as usual! My TF2 gets more ponified with every release :)
TrollLightSparkle's avatar
Any idea which class is next?
Or is that a secret?
gijake1's avatar
You are doing an amazing job! Maybe you can challenge yourself by making a spike model for soldier? I am curious.
Spike is already done! And there are other, interesting candidates for soldier class.
Starbladek's avatar
My god that was fast, good work
Zintic's avatar
im gonna download this when bugs are fixed :3
partyonhat's avatar
Witch class are you thinking about doing now?
LightDasher's avatar
He'll tell you when he's got it sorted out :3 I know it but I think he wants to keep it a surprise :D
dazkid33's avatar
Hey, sorry for double comment, but I've come across a problem that I'm not sure you would know how to fix. Zecora's rings appear as a fiery-like combination of yellow and red, and the texture sort of moves. I would like to ask if you are possibly recycling the texture for the Deus Specs for the color of the rings, because I had trouble with those, before I had them reskinned with a different color.
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