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Zecora V2

The updated Zecora mod, with a shorter armor, fixed hands on the pipe bomb launcher, and more stable eyes.

Download link:

(for filedino to download click on the "slow speed download" icon, wait then enter the captcha, then click on the download button just under, then rename the file with a .zip extention)
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I am not sure if you are online or not the link does not work anymore

NightHowla's avatar
where do these in your tf2 folder im so confused 
EeveeShell1021's avatar
Didn't work. Could've at least made VPK.
i got the mod working just make another folder eg zecora then put it in your custom folder (that part is optional put it where ever) then extract the folders in the .zip into the folder you made then make a shortcutto vpk.exe which is located at Team Fortress 2/bin then drag the folder you extracted the files from onto the vpk.exe shortcut and you will have a vpk named the folder you made then just put the new vpk into Team Fortress 2/tf/custom and you will have the skin.   enjoy
Anklebiter2662's avatar
I don't understand your instructions.. Couldn't you have just made it a VPK like all the other models?
apekatt123's avatar
The hand models for loch and load is a bit bugged
Makahin's avatar
I can't install it, could you help me? I've followed your instrutions, but it din't worked :T
mksub-zero's avatar
Got another recent update it was about the Demoman's weapons. The problem is the weapons are invisible with the Zecora mod.
Sparkshot11's avatar
Excuse me I have found an issue with this mod.

When I reload with the Loch-N-Load instead of putting in grenade I appear to lift the whole weapon up while reloading and it gets awfully distracting, and also the eyeballs act really weird at some points. Just felt the need to point this out.
Zecorathegreat's avatar
That was made to be used
not to be unamused 
GalaxySeerNumber9's avatar
theeviltedd's avatar
One thing I have to say about this: Dat ass + scottish resistance = well you get it.
benzombie1's avatar
you should upload it to the my little pony tf2 mod site
DolphinKing55's avatar
That site stopped updating pretty much forever.
benzombie1's avatar
it just updated
Perforat's avatar
My favorite model, but I can't play Zecora without soundpack(
DolphinKing55's avatar
I'm actually currently working on a Democora voicepack...
FrostyBreeze's avatar
okay, so i'm officially in love with this skin, but i hit a minor speed bump...when i added the skin, suddenly my default grenade launcher and default sticky laucher switched places in the loadout screen, and now i don't have access to either :x help plz?
Derp, I found the link on your profile page..... Don't stop being amazing Kass<3
Ahhhh, must get!! Every time I click the Download link, it just takes me to your profile
shrunken-derp's avatar
how do you get the models into the game after the download?
shrunken-derp's avatar
how do you put it in the game after you download ive never downloaded a mod before
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Hey, in the recent update, did it by any change mess up the first person view of the hooves on zecora? I just implemented the mods of the zecora model today, but the first person view of the grenade launcher and the sticky bomb launcher doesn't show up. Thanks for answering.
Try to copy again the models folder from the zip in the tf folder, the pyro update deleted my sniper hands model files!
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