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Twilight Sparkle Sniper Mod for download

Sorry for the long wait.
Delayed the release date to update the mod for MVM along the others characters updated as well:

Twilight Sparkle: Canteen equipable, festive rifle fixed, eyes
Pinkie Pie: Redone the deformation + canteen, eyes (still imperfect but a whole less ugly than before)
Zecora: Front view haircut fixed and deflatenned face, festive sticky bomb fixed,eyes
Rainbow Dash,Derpy, Scootaloo, Firefly: Cutie pin on body (no need to equip the item anymore)+ canteen, eyes (festive scattergun and festive bat not fixed yet, must get them 1st)

My Thanks to :icontheroidypegasus: , :iconartiestroke: , :icon8feet: , :iconmibedys:, :iconwaffleking234: , Kite, Peter from MlpTF2Mods, and many others (pending their permission to credit them here) for your support! This mod couldn't be brought without you!

Here's the links:


Pinkie Pie

Rainbow Dash




Note that Equus spec isn't updated for twilight yet (i'll do it once i can) if you find some breaking bugs mp me, so that i can try fixing them.
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NavyBr0wnie's avatar
Shame this died.
RIPMan911's avatar
Wait wait wait , is Kassgrein still active?
torerik's avatar
Twilight Sparkle holding a glass of pony piss (or Jarate).
edgar546's avatar
For when will we get the Equestria Girl version?
Seiya-Meteorite's avatar
This model's really cool :D
nonten4's avatar
Fucking cancer
Seiya-Meteorite's avatar
No one cares what you think. Did you deliberately click on this just to say that?
Sacredkeybearer66's avatar
And I see you still haven't fixed that main weapon doing the huntsman pullback glitch yet. 
janfon1's avatar
Great job, even a perfect one! If there was a MLP mod that I would leave for a long period of time, it would be this one. Not that broken piece of sh*t monstrosity with a deformation its' creator is too neglectful to fix...
You guys always seem to put a lot of effort into mods like these, and that's what I like about you. You take your time to correctly model those characters, give 'em a good shape with correct facial expressions and eye movement. There is nothing to complain about the voice packs too.
 This Brony/MLP Community is not so bad after all... or I'm at least not on its' bad side.
ArtsyColourfullpaws's avatar
If I where to download these how would I get them into my game?
N4HW3ll's avatar
can your make those pony skins for gta san andreas please!?
Outlaw-Marston's avatar
Here's a fix to the Twilight Sparkle model!!! Plus more: [Click Here]
N4HW3ll's avatar… caon you fix the animation while holding a sniper
Metal-Kitty's avatar
My Little Pony: Jarate is Magic, Wanker!

These models are legendary and I so wish I could make some, let alone make some that look like this, for my own preferred matches. :(
irratu2's avatar
Any care to update the 1st person arms now that they're broken by the love and war update?
Outlaw-Marston's avatar
Yeah, the character model is now virtually unusable. Hopefully someone who has the know-how and the interest can fix this bug. That or VALVE better fixes it.
irratu2's avatar
type viewmodel_fov 0 in the console and it will make her broken arms disapere. temporary solution
Outlaw-Marston's avatar
I simply removed the arm file out of the mod folder, so I have Sniper hands but the rest is Twilight.
Scorppio500's avatar
Are there voice packs? If so, how do you load them?
NinjaPwed's avatar
Twilight is never read How to Sniper or Huntsman :3

Happy easter bunny!
drake54's avatar
Hey mate, I don't seem to be able to install these mods anymore, it seems like TF2 has modified it's set up, like folders are there where it shouldn't, and folders are conspicuously absent, I tried putting the mods in but they just don't seem to work
torerik's avatar
If it is something like a vpk file, you need to use GCFScape to open it. Then you gain access to the folders that is inside it like tf model sound and all that.
CollinWing's avatar
happend to me can someone please help
SpitefulSword's avatar
Did u put in the right folder?
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\COMMON\Team Fortress 2\tf\custom
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