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Small Update (bug fixes)

A Small update for Zecora, Luna and Celestia, before the next update (Equus Specs with some other conversions)

*For Celestia*
-Celestia no longer drag the intel on the ground
-Fixed the "psycho face" when she was in angry mood
(psycho mood is reserved exclusively for Molestia)
-Updated the HUD images over Molestia HUD
-Updated the selection screen images
-Beheading Celestia no longer spawn a hand
-Fixed the SMG flat look

*For Luna*
-Removed the lower face makeup, and improved the accuracy of the upper makeup
-Updated the HUD as well
-Beheading Luna no longer spawn a hand
-Fixed the SMG flat look

*For Zecora*
-Beheading Zecora no longer spawn a leg

For the twilight project, the submission has been greenlighted and it will be open for funding this Friday 22.

To download the updated mods, check the links at my main DA page. Or get them here:


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XxRarity1x17's avatar

This straight up just doesn't work at all now. How disappointing. This was one of my favorite mods back in the day.

XxRarity1x17's avatar

Hey all! I got this to work. Basically, make a new folder named pony sniper or something, then take the models and materials folders and put them into the pony sniper folder. Then put the pony sniper folder into your custom folder in tf2. Boom, mod still works pog.

TheTruePsychopath's avatar
Luna model doesn't work anymore. It glitches out.
sonicrider79's avatar
the only way u can remove the glitch is u delete the hand models folder from it, usually it helps.
ponyjesse's avatar
is it glitching like the sniper rifle and huntsman thetruepsychopath
TheTruePsychopath's avatar
If I recall, yes. It is.
ponyjesse's avatar
its maybe cause it is from 2014 i need it for a long time till like 2025:( (Sad) 
TheTruePsychopath's avatar
Are there links to any of the updated models? I'm certain there's a Cadance medic and a Rarity spy somewhere, too.
cuteshy12's avatar
<font><font>how i can dowload i cant :( i cant play the player please tuturial :(</font></font>
YakkoWarner44's avatar
I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but whenever an enemy spy is disguised as a scout, sniper, pyro or demoman, their whole bodies disappear leaving only their limbs and what items they're wearing.
YakkoWarner44's avatar
does this also fix the problems with the festive sniper rifle with luna?
valkyrie1312's avatar
stupid question...

Is there a packed with all the models for gmod?
GphazorWolf's avatar
is there a way to mix and match up the files so you could maybe have it so celestia shows up on red team and luna on blue team?
RagingPhXp's avatar
dude i luv the Luna model :3
PSNtoonjuice's avatar
It would be awesome if they had cloths on... that would go better with the theme. Both the "RainbowScout" and "Pyro Pie" mods have the default outfits, why not this? I'd prefer not to shoot an exact replica of myself. <:) (by that I mean the Twilight mod despite how amazing it is)
darkstarchan's avatar
Does Molestia only have white on both teams? and for me to have colored Cel I have to use normal Cel?
MetroGamerX's avatar
okay, as if anyone cares
BloodFangRB's avatar
Would it be at all possible to combine the skins to have Luna on Blu and Celestia on Red?
Rose-Supreme's avatar
RED Celestia reminds me of Princess Cadance.
Maybe you should update her skin to look more Cadance-like.
g-weegee's avatar
[link] its a skin for scout (daring doo)
drake54's avatar
so how do I update it? do I just download it again and resubmit it into the TF file?
Yes overwrite the old files with the news!
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