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Pinkie Pyro Pie for TF2 mod

By Kassgrein
Mod available for download!
Download Link Just Below:

To get the onther mods, check the links at my profile page!

Thanks to :iconlimey-boy: for your generous donation! I appreciate it a lot <^o^>

Have fun!
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goodbrony's avatar
AH YES! a classic!!
Prince-Crescent's avatar
I wish there was a Pinkamena version...with the straight mane, tail, darker colors. Also does this have a model for when you used the Voodoo Cursed PyroSoul?
GigaBumbler's avatar
Should be a version using the femme pyro body
Prince-Crescent's avatar
There is, only problem is it's old, it's strange to install, it has clipping in the neck area where pinkie's neck clips through the clothing, and the hooves are so big and bulky they clip through weapons. Also it's so obscure and hard to find, only 10 people know about it besides me.
Snowkitty24's avatar
I play with this mod all the time. Love it! Totally reccomend it if you like ponies.
fluttershiay's avatar
[link] can somepony tell me how to download this i tried the one tutorial but it wasnt very clear on where to put it
Fluttershyinaction's avatar
bonbonsrule122's avatar
hai hai, it's 00dislexic00
Rosstheraccoon's avatar
Someone help me with skinning the blue version, everytime i try to change it to yellow it keeps turning back into blue
I wanna use this. But I love my hat's way too much to give them up! ;~;
Rhardodric's avatar
My Little Pony: Payload is Magic!
goodbrony's avatar
I think you mean my little mercenary: payload is magic
Axquirix's avatar
Do you have plans to update this mod for compatibility with the tank replacements and Power-up Canteen?
I'd like to test the mode, but it's 35 min i waited last time and i gave up.
Maybe once the servers are accessible i'll figure what's going in.
Axquirix's avatar
I know, best bet is to open the server list, type "mvm" in the map section, and look for anything with less than six players (I warn, though, it's a 50/50 bet whether mods are enabled on a new server or not).

I thnik the regular pyro model was updated though, like a new attachement point was added or something, because the Canteen is meant to attach to the character's right hip. With your Pinkie Pie mod (and presumably the others, too) it stay between their feet, in the floor - at the character's point of origin.

Along with that, whilst the canister replacements (such as the Infernal Orchestrina) are in the right plae on Pinkie, the default canister is still there. Could this possibly be fixed?

Thanks for an awesome mod regardless!
Ereunity's avatar
Any plans to update any hats or items to be more compatible?

If so might be willing to part with my cash.
nuke1007's avatar
nvm last question i alredy downloaded it because i oculd not resist it.....SO MUTCH WIN!!! i love burning people while looking adorable at the same time
nuke1007's avatar
does this appear to other players or just bronys? a.k.a people with the mod
For some reason It messes up the Demoman's inventory by moving the grenade launcher in to the Sticky launcher's spot and the sticky launcher into the grenade launcher's spot. Some please help me!
MetroGamerX's avatar
and you cannot equip the launchers? Same thing happened to me. I could only use the Melee weapons.
Yes, that's what happened to me.
Is there any way you could release a more comprehensive how to on installing this?
I also need help could you release a more comprehensive how to on installing it?
m3ka's avatar
it didn't work, help
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