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Pinkie Pie pyro WIP 2

The model is pratically finished :) She should be available to download in two days.
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Hey nice mod, but how do i download it and can it work with female mods?
koperty123's avatar
where can i download this model? D:
TheOnlyPJ's avatar
Huuuuuuuu! Huhuhuuu! Huuhuhuuuu!
(translation: Yaaaaaaaay! I downloaded it! I use it every time!)
SaltyP3ppers's avatar
That gas mask fits with Pinkie so much idk why :|
PikachuX1000's avatar
You are so AWESOME at making these!
If you stick to the majority vote on what classes belong to what ponies/spike then I will be unable to express how awesome you are in words.
I think the neck should be a little thicker. Her neck kind of looks like a chicken's neck.
eternityglacier's avatar
Silly! That's not Scootaloo's neck!
larrle's avatar
i may play more tf2 just for this.
doomlord1234's avatar
I cannot WAIT to download this! Danke for all that you've done!

If I could make a suggestion? A Big mac Heavy, Bitte?
Dragon-V0942's avatar
So going to get this, especially if eventually you can somehow make a replacement for the Foster's Facade, but I can understand this would be a lot if not too much work, you've really done an outstanding job with all of your stuff, my biggest question out of everything is..... Is there anything someone like me can do to help or show my
appreciation? Please answer, it's no joke T.=.T


Lastly, sorry if you've got a place for this kind of thing but...

One of my suggestions is Heavy to be BIG Spike or fantasy/hero version of Spike (the one that he imagines himself being when he saves rarity)

That's my suggestion ^.=.^
PHR16384's avatar
:iconsquealplz: *fanboy squeal*

I've totally making a promo/gameplay vid for this when it comes out.
ErichGrooms3's avatar
That's a very great model, but could you make the body thin.
AlakarVoidus's avatar
I must say, I haven't felt the need to install seperate class "Skins", and yet I want this one...>_<
S1LVR's avatar
You need a sock filled with medals for all the work you've done.
shadowalien1's avatar
this is ...... i can't even describe it how good it is
casanovachicken's avatar
CJ-Raiyuu's avatar
Very Epic. Nothing less.
Limey-Boy's avatar
Adding the eyes to this gives it a whole new +1 cuteness level.
Purugly's avatar
My favorite pony as my favorite class?

It's gonna be so awesome!
Bluemansonic's avatar
OMG That's awesome, these get cooler everytime. Now you need to make a Twilight(Sniper), Rarity(Spy), Big Mac(Heavy), Fluttershy(Medic), a better Applejack(Engineer), and a better Spike(Soldier).
Bluemansonic's avatar
Plz? I would really like that and so would many other fans of both TF2 and MLP:FiM.
Gordon-Weedman's avatar
Pinkie Pie Pyro? More like, Pinkie PIEro!
partyonhat's avatar
Gigantic snake? more like,RUBBISH! (cuboy reference)
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