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Luna mod for TF2 release version

Luna for TF2, canterlot accent included!

A demonstration video:

Download page:

Happy slashing!
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i seen that skin last night on tf2 and i am wondering how to use mods like that on tf2
ponykenso's avatar
the art of drag and drop my young student, or as the Japanese call it, dragon drop, and i would be a sensei, but lets not make it that complicated
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The Download link brings me to an Pinkie Pyro Upload O_o
PushyP3ach's avatar
Is there a way I can have Celestia on Red team and Luna on Blu?
SharpClawPokemon's avatar
I guess "BOOM! MOONSHOT!" is ze new "BOOM! HEADSHOT!"
Link is broken ;_;
PikachuX1000's avatar
Dude you have to release these two together. Celestia and luna for Red/Blu if possible :D!
882Nightmare's avatar
that would be sweet
Vexhoor's avatar
Can't wait for the download link!
882Nightmare's avatar
a link to download it would be nice >.>
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Kass, i loved this mod, i'm using all your mods, but...

about this mod, i have some trouble on Saxton Hale Mod, specifically the Christian Brutal Sniper who stays Invisible at all game, did you know how to fix it ?

please continue with you project, its awesome
GR33NTHUNDAH's avatar
New link plz?
Rose-Supreme's avatar
Yeah, hear the others out.
PLEASE upload it somewhere else!
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Can you upload these elsewhere? Megaupload is down, possibly forever.
Yeah, the FBI shut them down I think. Could the uploader post this someplace else, thanks.
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Twi is supposed to be sniper! =o
GunstarX's avatar
Can you make it so Red Team gets Celestia Model and Blue Team gets Luna Model? Like you can with the Rainbow Dash Scout?
tjnc21's avatar
Can you put Luna's head, hooves, tail, etc. on the normal sniper body? the full body of luna is kinda weird standing upright...
tjnc21's avatar
Is there any way you could just put a luna's tail, wings, hooves and head on the normal sniper model? the whole body is kinda weird to me...
wiipoop1's avatar
is there a way i could get the red sniper to be celestia and the blu to be luna?
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