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Equus Specs, Bootlegger, Wee boots, Boombox +links

Finally finished thoses, here's the links:
Equus specs (Scout, Demoman, Pyro, Sniper)

Boombox (Scout)

Ali baba Wee booties (Demoman)

Bootlegger (Demoman)

Have fun!
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Jusey1's avatar
The Boombox for the Scout is Red when playing on the BLU team. Can ya maybe fix that mate?
RainBrony2's avatar
Is there something I must do specifically to unzip the files because I copied and pasted the models folder to tf and nothing happened.
Jusey1's avatar
Put it in the "Custom" folder within the tf folder.
ShadowSpetsnaz's avatar
Thanks for all the awesome mods, you made TF2 20% cooler then it will ever be!
TheFastLearnerScout's avatar
the boom bringer is red on blue team, can u fix it?
I am currently trying to learn how to move hats on the models so I can make your hats fit most classes. I think I can do Sniper and Scout alright, But I would have to modify your Zecora Demo to having a Cap instead of her mane. Might even throw in an eye patch.
Sharktits's avatar
I have an issue where i have sticky launcher as primary and launcher as secondary but i cant choose either{this is while in the backpack}
what did i do wrong
trainer-mana's avatar
can you make a demo pan zaccora?
Rhardodric's avatar
So Awesoooooome
DarkD3s7r0y3r's avatar
If you'd be able to do the Sight for Sore Eyes/Pyromancer, I will love you forever. And cringe all the more.
AmericanTemplar84's avatar
Nevermind, it's working now!
AmericanTemplar84's avatar
The download for the boombox isn't working. It just comes up as an empty zip file.
Thiefenz's avatar
I want to See a Luna Demoman. then I can be Pirate Luna
DrackenScratch's avatar
dang new tf2 update glitched up the skins
MetroGamerX's avatar
Re-download them and then they will be fine.
you just have to readd the files and it works again
is it possible you could do one for the fast learner or maybe the front runner hat?
this and the rainbow scout looks awesome but you might wanna do something about the hats coz it makes them bug
MetroGamerX's avatar
I love how the bootlegger looks here.
What's Heavy going to be? I sure hope it's not Big Mac, it just doesn't seem to fit as Heavy for me. Maybe Gilda?
doomlord1234's avatar
Gilda. a small ass Griffon...

as Heavy.


Sorry, man, But Big Mac's been viewed as the Best counterpart for heavy on a wide scale.
rater435-2's avatar
I'm having a purple & black graphic error with the Bootlegger: [link]

Do you know why I'm getting this?
MetroGamerX's avatar
you didn't get the VTF's in right.
rater435-2's avatar
Yeah I know, I fixed it.
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