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Just a rare random drawing of my very first creation, Maxx.
Drawn a few months ago.

Maxx(c):iconkassanovas:Kassanovas March 2014
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Mar 17, 2014, 11:57:57 PM
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Move over Max Chamberlain, the very first Max is in the house and his name is...Maxx! With two x's, not just one! :iconforscience:

I rather like the uplifted facial expression, as it adds an interesting quality to the character's pose.  Just playing around with different angles no matter how seemingly simple can really alter a piece and make it even more dynamic than one might think.  Hard to tell what his intentions are, but I must say, you certainly can bring to life characters no matter who they may be. :D
Kassanovas's avatar
He was supposed to be starship captain back in the day,
he did have a crew with him back then.He wore an armoured
uniform to begin with then it changed to something most absurd
and embarrassing.
This is more his casual outfit that he's worn over the years.:)
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It's kind of cool and interesting to see how characters evolve over the years. :)
willylliw's avatar
Wow, you sure come up with some incredible characters. ;) I like him already. I also like the way you draw muscles and clothes. :)
He must workout his stomach a lot. :D He has an eight-pack.
Kassanovas's avatar
He does indeed have an eight pack but then again,he's also an alien.:)
willylliw's avatar
Wow, buff aliens! :D Excellent idea.
I wonder if he'll be abducting anyone? ;)
Kassanovas's avatar
Nah,he was meant to command a ship when I drew him originally (2004) with his
crew......obviously not dressed like that but looking back now,it would be very merciful 
to leave him this way.:D
willylliw's avatar
Yes, he should stay dressed this way so he will stand out since he is the commander. It'll also show that he is strong, tough, and buff. :D
ErictheLucario's avatar
The way you draw crotch seams tho...
Kassanovas's avatar
I don't draw them that way usually.
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