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Signed ONE OF A KIND polaroid mini prints!**

For some reason we all have this idea stuck in our heads that an artist must resign themselves to squalor- eating ramen noodles and living in a shack. 40+ hours a week doing work should be able to pay the rent for anyone. It's not demanding much from a profession. Showing support in not just appreciative words, but actual dollars( even the smallest amount!) is MAKING A STATEMENT! 

Its changing the world with a ripple that starts here. 
A sexy Ripple. Yes. Ripples can be SEXY. Shut up.

>_> Now maybe if my medium of choice was trash sculpture I could try and swing this for you guys – but there comes a time where my McGyver skillset of creating something ethereal out of a pack of gum and shoe strings will fail me. I need the tools to achieve higher quality results! 

Im looking for my patrons. 
Those knights who will stand up and make sure I dont fade away.
I want to CREATE!

This is not a paysite. It is not a store. 
(Tho I do have a PrintShop now! )
Content will come as fast as it can be made. 
The more patrons, the faster the work can be done! 

Every little dollar puts me closer to being able to create the quality I dream
...and more frequently!

Ideally I want to get on my feet so that I can make my basic bills and focus on the creative end of things. As I regulate I want to put out at least 2 sets a month -  elaborate fantasy fashion set a month... NSFW nude kinky kinda photosets..etc! 

Down the line i'd love to be able to rent better locations, pay guest models for shoots 
( YEAH BUDDY...girl on girl couples nude sets, for sure!) 
and even see if you guys would like to see me at a convention local to you!

Im open to ideas – and I want to hear from my most supportive fans – YOU GUYS! 

The Patron levels will see revision over time but I'll try to never take something away from a level. 

In the end, you will know that you are making a difference in an artist'slife, so they can do the thing you appreciate so much without having to stop for anything or anyone....

Here is to the power of
Caffeine & Naked Ladies!



Select your reward
  • No Reward
    No thanks, I just want to support
  • $1.00+ per month
    Welcome, Ghoul! Join the ranks of my army in showing your support and desire to see more of my artwork in the coming days.
  • $5.00+ per month
    Just Turned! You are granted access to my Patreon only vault of Vblogs, behind the scenes, photos and whats this? High Res Wallpapers mayhaps? At your request<3 **NEW** If we stay at 2k or higher the monthly giveaway will be open to all patrons 5$ and higher! 
    *+ all lower tier rewards.
  • $10.00+ per month
    Thin Blood! You are entered into the monthly autographed print raffle and given voice in any future polls.
    *Shipping Address may be requested for monthly winner.
    *+ all lower tier rewards.
  • $25.00+ per month
    My Kindred! You are given exclusive previews of any donation/exclusive photosets I shoot this month and a seat in any text based chats hosted.
    *Shipping Address may be requested for monthly winner.
    *+ all lower tier rewards.
  • $50.00+ per month
    Methuselah! This month's photoset(s) are yours for the viewing in it's entirety. 
    You are automatically reserved a seat in any Live Stream photoshoot hostings I may have.

    *NEW* Signed ONE OF A KIND polaroid prints! (clothed) 

    *Shipping Address required.
    *+ all lower tier rewards.
  • $100.00+ per month
    Antediluvian! You have unlocked the greatest tier and with it have instant access to the month's UNIQUE GIFTS!
    What does this mean? Each month the rewards may shift but some ideas: Vintage items used during photo shoots, signed Poster Sized prints, 1 on 1 Skype calls, Video Chats, 2 girl signed 8x10s etc

    *NEW* Signed ONE OF A KIND Polaroid prints....NUDE AND TOPLESS! If you want a NON nude or topless film please PM me and we can send a fashion or covered SFW version instead!

    *Shipping Address required.
    *+ all lower tier rewards.
  • $1000.00+ per month · Limited (1 remaining of 1)
    This God Tier reward is for ONE amazing patron a month - so grab it while you can!
    You will receive a 1 on 1 chat with me and the ability to create your very own photoshoot.
    You pick the outfit(that I own or you provide). You pick the location. Customized to all your specifications within reason.
    This can be a nude or fashion photoset of up to 30 images and some BTS videos only to be shared with your fellow patrons!
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JohnSlaughterHobbyist Digital Artist
Still can't afford $50 a month just to see your pics.  What do you get with $25?  Just previews?
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KassandraLeighProfessional Photographer
Honestly I encourage ppl to join patreon because they want to support me creating more and better work and not purely because they want some nudes. You can find nudes of random ppl on a google image search - what makes my work different is the art that i infuse into it. Ontop of the fact that Im doing more than just NSFW content- for that matter. At 25 you get access to everything bellow it so for the most part you get a few more teasers than the 1$ support plus seeing work before it gets posted anywhere else. At 50 you unlock the entire photoset as well as an autographed one of a kind polaroid every month
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JohnSlaughterHobbyist Digital Artist
I do want to support your creative work, but I want to see that creative work too. If I just wanted to see nudes, as you rightfully pointed out, I can find those for free all over the web. No cost involved.

Can you answer my question though. What is the difference between the $25 tier and the $50 tier?
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KassandraLeighProfessional Photographer
Sorry for the delay! I dont get to spend as much time here on DA these days. But to answer your question 50 gets you the ENTIRE NSFW photosets when I make them. I try and have one every month but some months now n again do not. So you also get a signed polaroid every month at 50 as well ^_^!
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JohnSlaughterHobbyist Digital Artist
Never mind. Part of your post was cut off on mobile. I see your descriptions now.

I still think you're turning away a lot of money by pricing yourself out of most people's budgets.
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WrongStateHobbyist Photographer
Goodness this is something to really ponder...
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DevaKing46Student Writer
bad i live in brazil, the dollar its so high right now. Bat, i liked the iniciative. very sexy and badass...
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