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DeviantArt Podcast with 'Love, Death and Robots'

The contest is now closed. Congratulations to @Minjuart for winning a Wacom One drawing tablet and 3,000 fragments! Check out the winning submission below! Check out More Episodes, and don’t forget to subscribe to the DeviantArt Podcast! ___________________________________________________________________________________ DeviantArt Podcast! This month, hosts @ggMattB and @HeartsUnlocked are joined by Love, Death & Robots’ Executive Producer Tim Miller and Supervising Director Jennifer Yuh Nelson! Learn about their journey from college illustration majors to sought-after filmmakers. They talk about the freedom granted with anthology storytelling and everything they read while working on the new volume of Love, Death & Robots. From priceless career advice and tales from the early days of computer animation, this is an episode you won’t want to miss. Check out a few episode highlights below: 02:19 - Jennifer’s move from family-friendly Kung Fu Panda 2 to darker content 09:36 - How


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Venomous Pity

Whenever i got those looks from you, those damn looks filled with pity, i am shaken by disgust and anger. When you say: "Oh, you poor thing." and then pet my head like i am a dog, i feel bitterness and rage raising up in me. Hey you, i am not poor - not at all. I never was and i never will. Keep that venomous pity for yourself i really do not need it in my life. Only because i do not fit in your imagination of a perfect human being, it does not mean that you can look down on me.


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Wyvern concept


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The (I hope) ultimate guide to drawing fur

Introduction This is an unusual tutorial for me - in fact, I'd say it's an unusual tutorial in general. Said differently, it's an attempt to collect all you might want to know about drawing (realistic) fur in one place. Because of this, it won't be structured like your average tutorial, which explains one thing and is satisfied with that - we'll have sections instead (which are, of course, listed in the table of contents below). Those sections will start with more basic stuff, and get more advanced throughout. The article will still be structured in a way that it can be read as one coherent text, but the sections will also work each on their own. So, if you're only interested in one of the sections, scroll down and read only that. Also, this article will focus little on technique. There are a lot of different ways to draw fur, and they will be different for the different mediums too. Hence, I include few step-by-steps. Instead, it will mostly focus on theory - how fur behaves


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