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Bunny Aglow

By kashmier
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thought it looks like a long eared rabbit
Flemish Giant
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It's an amazing bunny alright, and, at last, your getting some good notice! :nod: Thank God! :pray:
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Good notice?
One remark ..... I can live without that but not your fantastic comments. You make me feel like there is some reason behind my madness. It is so good to know that someone great is actually listening to me and taking me seriously. :hug: I guess that says a lot about my lonely life .... :invisible:
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I really don't understand why there is not more of a Fractal Community. Perhaps it's just a matter of stimulating more interest somehow. When I first came to DA, I decided that the best way to proceed was to find interested friends, and be loyal to them. From the very first day, when I discovered you online and uploading beautiful pictures of the countryside, you have always been a very good friend to me. When I first started noticing your Fractals, I was only mildly interested. Then, as time went on, I was struck by the immense beauty and color and majesty these works have. Now, I don't come to your pages not to be merely loyal, but I come because I love the stuff...and, if I love it, there must be many more, who just have not discovered it yet, who would love it, too. You make me feel like a first-rate Appreciator, and that makes me feel really good, too. :heart: Don't worry, dear Marisa, about the loneliness. Most of us feel the same way or we wouldn't be here, and it's good we can find each other, as well as some beauty and meaning in this cyberspace situation. Please don't stop doing what you do. It's very interesting and exciting. :nod:
By the way, could you give me permission to post on DA one of those mother-and-child pictures I worked on last summer? I'll link to your userpage. It's the one that always reminded me of the Paul Simon "Loves me like a Rock" song? OK? See you later...:sun:
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Great fractal art!
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Thank you very much