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Updated Commissions(Open)

Here is an updated version of what I offer for commissions. I accept Paypal and DA points. If there is something you would like that I do not have offered you may reach out to me and we can negotiate a price. Commissions are organized from least expensive to most expensive. Types of Commissions: Simplified Chibi Animals: Description(Full body, Flat color, No Shading) 1 Chibi Animal ($5 or 400 points) Additional animals ($5 or 400 points each) Add Shading($5 or 400 points) Transparent or simple background ($0) More detailed background ($5 or 400 points) Complex background ($10-$15 or 1,200 points) Example(s): Half-Body Full Shaded Chibi: Description(1 Half-Body Chibi with full shading. From head to waist) 1 Half-body Chibi with full shading ($5 or 400 Points) Additional Characters ($5 or 400 points each) Additional Expressions (Shown in the example below) may be negotiated Simple or transparent background ($0) More Detailed Background ($5 or 400 points) Complex Background

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Filling The Void - Ch 1

I watched quietly as Arnbjorn argued loudly with the men sitting at the table with him, Bastian's red-haired Bryn insisting that they knew nothing about the whereabouts of our Lost Sister. As inclined as I was to believe him, I couldn't take the chance that someone else in their group was hiding information from him. Although, I was relieved that at least he didn't know anything that would cost him his life. Looking to the side, I watched as my Cicero fingered his dagger, eyes narrowed as he flicked his gaze from one thief to the next. As eager as he was to use his blade again, I couldn't help but hope that there was no betrayer amidst this broken family of thieves. I would rather he wet his blade with blood that wouldn't bring pain to my brother. "Where is Mercer?" I heard our Brother snarl, his hands slamming down on the table before him as he stood, the scrape of his chair filling the chamber as I flinched from the sound. "He's been dealing with some difficulties. Things haven't

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TES: Indigo Children 033

Chapter 033: “Imaginary Friends” Shade loved kitties! He loved anything smaller than him that he could chase. He wasn’t so good at catching them but the thrill of trying to keep up was the best part. The local strays stopped coming around after a while. They didn’t like being chased and would often hiss and growl. So whenever the fluffy cat who called himself Uncle Sheo would come visit, Shade got really excited. It meant that there would be new games to play and lessons to be learned… and not the boring kind of lessons that involved discipline or responsibility. The fun kind like how to break into abandoned houses, scare old people, or take snacks without getting into trouble. The fact that no one else could see Uncle Sheo didn’t bother Shade. If anything, it made the friendship feel more special. The fluffy vest-wearing feline would occasionally reminisce about spending time with Eris when she was young and compare Shade to her and tell him amazing stories of her adventures.

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Tableside Shenanagins [C]

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Champion of Devils Ch. 13 Abaddon

Champion of Devils Chapter 13 Abaddon Death seemed to be a constant follower to Fatalis. Though, even he couldn’t foretell the full amount of both death and destruction he would have seen on this dark path of his. The Fall of the Baar Dau forever marked the fifth year of the Fourth Era as a terrifying point in Tamriel’s history; The Red Year. The tolls of this path finally are catching up to him, though more trials lie ahead of him. Some that could shatter the wills of even the strongest of beings. Fatalis stood atop a charcoaled boulder, resting on top of the highrise of a small islet. Just beside him was Amaruq, sitting calmly as the two shared a solemn gaze upon the devastation wrought by the Baar Dau. In front of them was a massive smoldering crater, the remnants of what was left of the Ascadian Bay and city Vivec. The entire bay glowed a fiery red as it radiated heat from the burning of fire and brimstone. The edges of the crater formed high enough for even the Inner sea to

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Nutmeg Reference Sheet

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Moribund - Page 4 (final)

Moribund comic

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A Beast Behind, page 227

A Beast Behind comic

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Un-Phased: A Lesson in Botany

Un-Phased Comic

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The Fool and The Queen - Cover

The Fool and The Queen

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The Sunder Hunt Comic Cover

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