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Name: Kashi (a nickname given to me by a childhood friend because of my obsession with Kakashi Hatake of Naruto. It continued to be an internet nickname after that, so it's what I prefer to be called online.)

For those getting into my stories: Please do not flame me. I will gladly take criticism so long as you have suggestions for improvement afterwards, but no hateful remarks or simply telling me "this sucks/you suck". I know I'm not the best storywriter on the planet and sometimes my ability to write has its ups and downs, but I am trying as best as I can.

Favourite TV Shows
Naruto, Big Bang Theory, M*A*S*H, Game of Thrones, and various others
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Disturbed, Seether, Five Finger Death Punch, Eisbrecher, Linkin Park
Favourite Books
Good Omens, The Giver, Justin Morgan Had A Horse, The Inheritance cycle, Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series
Favourite Games
Elder Scrolls Oblivion & Skyrim, Fallout 4, MediEvil, Borderlands series
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Pencil & Paper, Surface Pro 2, Painters Essentials 7, Design Doll

My Current Project

My Elder Scrolls story, To Light the Dragonfires, is my main art and literature project.

A summary of the story:

The Oblivion Gates are closed & Nirn is safe thanks to their new emperor, but his sacrifice has deeply affected the Champion once at his side. And without a Dragonborn to rule, a new era soon begins. But no one- not even the Champion herself- was prepared for the legacy & blessing that the gods had put in place.

Follow Tala, the famed Hero of Kvatch- and now Champion of Cyrodiil- as she tries to live her life after what she had seen and lost that day in the Imperial City... as we learn the events that lead up to this moment.

Click Here to Read the First Chapter

KashiPup's Board

Kakashi- portfolio pic

Art Commissions: CLOSED

Story Commissions: CLOSED

Unfortunately, my lifestyle is busy and getting projects completed quickly is rather complicated. It can take me over a month to get a project done because I only have a few hours in my evenings to work on anything. Therefore, I do not find it fair to open up commissions to people who expect a paid-for artwork or story to be completed in a timely manner when I have no time to do that. Until I am able to have more time to complete pieces or suddenly get quicker at them, Commissions will remain closed.

Art Trades: CLOSED

Gifts & Requests: For Friends Only


Gosh-Heck Vector- sign

*Original Vector commissioned by Gosh-Heck

Writing emoticon Finish To Light The Dragonfires



Writing emoticon Work on The Blessing of Talos


-: I am an Artist :- Work on art for The Blessing of Talos

Red Square Bullet Cover Art DONE!

Red Square Bullet Reference sheets [0 of 4 complete]


-: I am an Artist :- Scene art for To Light The Dragonfires

(This one's going to be an indefinite one on my list)

Red Square Bullet work on Chapter 28's art


Writing emoticon Chapter 5 of Records Of The Dragon-Hearted 

(A work-in-title Skyrim story based on a recommendation from @pokemon8975 *See Walden for the main protagonist.* )


-: I am an Artist :- Cover art for Records Of The Dragon-Hearted

Ish mah birfday! Yee. :3 I’d post something more dramatic, but I’m about to start work and the dA app is all I have, so bad spelling is all I’ve got, lol. Send me some well wishes for a good day today everyone! I’m feeling stressed out beyond belief with how crazy my schedule looks today and I could use all the good vibes I can get. ❤️
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By the Nine I'm spazzing out right now! My commission from the amazing Zombirb just came in!!!!! I love their art and I got the amazing opportunity to get a slot in their already busy schedule to have Tala done in their style! I'm over the moon thrilled!! See their original work through their account: @Pyro-Zombie
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Thanks for the faves and the watch :)

You're welcome! :D

Thanks for the fav! uwu

You're welcome! :D

You're welcome! :D

Thank you very much for all the favorites my friend ^-^! I appreciate it:heart: