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A 5$ bust illustration no background commission for JeanZedlav of their Mheetu design compared beside a healthier older Kovu. 

I hope you like it dear. I took liberty and darkened Mheetu's ear color because it was too close to his main pelt color that I couldn't even distinguish between the two to know if they were colored in or not. Also, I LOVE his color scheme. Whities are my weakness. 

Note: I will draw your designs for certain canon mention characters for commissions(Such as deleted characters or characters mentioned in books), but I will not draw existing canon designs for money. I'm strictly OC/FC commissions only. If you want canon interactions, please mention this. They will not cost extra as canon cameos are free in my commissions. 

Unless you are the commissioner you are not allowed to use this image.


Mheetu and Kovu belong to Disney respectfully. 
Design for Mheetu belongs to JeanZedlav 
art ©KashimusPrime 
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I love Mheetu and Kovu's design. And to be honest, Kovu looks alot better with a more brownish pelt. It kind of sucks how Disney made the second Lion King look so bleached. I mean, yellow fur for Nala?