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Nathanial sleeping by Kashi-kun Nathanial sleeping by Kashi-kun
Okay another one ^_^ Here's Nathaniel again ^_^Merely the line-art the colored WIP will come soon :3

"Nathaniel is a striking wereleopard in his early twenties, approximately 5'6" with long mahogany auburn hair, lilac eyes, "pretty" rather than handsome features, and a muscular swimmer's body. In his animal form, Nathaniel is a black were-leopard. A stripper at Guilty Pleasures, (stage name: "Brandon"), Nathaniel is one of Anita's lovers and a member of her second triumvirate. For several novels, Nathaniel was Anita's pomme de sang.

Nathaniel has been reluctant to share details of his past. Anita has been able to learn that Nathaniel's parents died when he was young, and that Nathaniel and his older brother Nicky were in the custody of an abusive man. Nicky protected Nathaniel at first, but also died when Nathaniel was quite young, at which point Nathaniel ran away. At some point in his late teens, Nathaniel was found by Gabriel. By that point, Nathaniel was a drug addicted prostitute, and was so submissive and masochistic that he was literally incapable of saying no to any torture proposed to him. Gabriel helped Nathaniel stop taking drugs but was unable or unwilling to address Nathaniel's other problems and simply pimped Nathaniel, restraining customers from taking too much advantage of him.

After Anita took control of the St. Louis pard, Nathaniel attached himself to Anita for protection. Nathaniel has been working to become more assertive and self-reliant, if only to please Anita. He is still highly submissive and is happy to take the "wife" position in Anita's increasingly large harem - cleaning, cooking, and generally providing emotional support. In Incubus Dreams, Anita inadvertently marked Nathaniel as her animal servant, forming a triumvirate between Anita, Nathaniel, and Damian."

Excert from Wikipedia

Nathanial (c) Laurell K. Hamilton
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