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I got tagged by :iconnoxv: in this character challenge and thought it looked fun, so here I go!

Rules are as follows:

1. Post all rules
2. Write 8 facts about your character
3. Tag 8 people
4. Write the name of the character with its owner.

Golden Sands by kaseylsnow

My gryphon character, Rhys.

1. Rhys was created when I joined a gryphon Art RPG group years ago called :iconwindsonde: . He is from the Tiwstoult aerie located deep in the jungle, though he loves venturing out and discovering the world around him. He is always leaping at the chance to run errands for the elder gryphs, though many have learned not to ask him as more often than not he'll take the scenic route to accomplish the task and be gone for hours. 

2. I have used Rhys for a set of Line Stickers , though he is drawn uncharacteristically expressive in them. In reality, he is very shy and a bit of a loner with no truly close friends (as of yet). However, he is known for being extraordinarily polite when he does speak; it is one of the few distinguishing characteristics that make him stand out at all in his aerie. He enjoys the company of others, but is seldom part of the conversation. He prefers to be on the fringes of the group so he can listen, observe, and learn. 

3. Pronounced like "Reese", Rhys is the Welch word for enthusiasm. At first this seems odd, given Rhys' generally reserved nature--but get him talking about exploration, world history, or the little-known human population of Windsonde and he'll suddenly live up to his name. You can hardly stem the flow of words from him in those moments.

4. Since Rhys spends most of his time flying across the lands of Windsonde, he has become a very strong and adept long distance flier. Though he is not the most agile gryph around, he is able to outdistance most others in nonstop flight due to his deep well of stamina from these lifelong workouts. 

5. He likes to sneak out in secret and observe the tiny human village of Dail, though it is very far from his home. As a young gryphon, he has to come up with elaborate excuses to his parents in order to be gone so long. He is fascinated by these new creatures that suddenly showed up and he has watched them thrive in remarkable ways. His curious mind wants to gather as much information as he can about them as he is unsure what to make of them. The question of whether or not they are a threat to gryphonkind is constantly on his mind. 

6. Rhys has mostly been around gryphons from his own aerie, so he is somewhat afraid of the other aeries in his youth and even into early adulthood. The Skrekrill especially as they are notoriously bitter, rage-filled gryphs. He's even heard rumors that some of them are cannibals and will eat any smaller gryphons they can catch: this kept him awake at night as a gryphlet. 

7. Rhys is half Crested Hawk Eagle and half Pantanal cat, a sub-species of the Pampas (or Colocolo) Cat of south america that sports unique black footed markings with large lateral leg stripes. He is about the size of a lion when full grown.

8. Rhys has a unique tail and can collapse his tail feathers when not in flight, causing it to look like a cat tail from the side (albeit a bit stiff). When in flight, they fan out and you can see that the central feathers grow out of a feline tail that supports them. Click here to see his ref for visuals. 

And there you have it!
I honestly don't know who to tag because the people I would have tagged have already been tagged or done it, haha.
But if you're reading this and you'd like to do it for one of your characters, then...consider yourself tagged!

:iconconceptcat::iconkakikoarts: :iconxxdhxx:  :icontimitu: :iconlesoldatmort: :iconbscruffy: :iconsoulofwinter:
And also, You! Yeah you, reading this! If I didn't tag you and this looks fun, consider yourself tagged! :3

If you do this, please feel free to tag me back as I'd love to learn about your characters!


Preview by kaseylsnow
Streaming Drift progress! If you like watching webcomics get made, come hang out!
Preview by kaseylsnow
Streaming Drift progress! If you like watching webcomics get made, come hang out!
Streaming: OFFLINE by kaseylsnow
Making progress! Working on it more right now, live if you wanna hang. :)
The original status has been deleted
Stream time! Working on a Windsonde art challenge. Translation: painting a gryphon doing stuff!


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