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Operating System: Win7 Ultimate 64bit
Favourite cartoon character: Dinosaurs/Dragons (misses old TV shows)

Favourite Visual Artist
Tooo... Many....
Favourite Writers
Anne McCaffrey/Tod McCaffrey
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS2 for now (would be 360 if it had more games I liked)
Tools of the Trade
Mechanical Pencil, Pencil, Computer
Other Interests
Lots (will update when a full list is possible)

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thx for the fav! ^^
>Till Wolfster: Thanks for the welcome.. I Fav what I like..

>BelmontWarior: What can I say, Bangaa are one of my favorite FF races.. Too bad Bangaa aren't a playable character in FFXII.. Personally I'm getting a little bored playing a human character (aka Hume [FFXI]).

I would have loved to have a Bangaa join up to my party. Really bummed me out that they had all those Bangaa just standing around town talking to each other but you couldn't even have one as a party memeber.

Course I should have figured I'd have to fight *evil* Bangaa... *sigh* Always seems to happen to the creatures I like...

They had NPC neutral fighting Bangaa randomly placed once and a while in the zones, I don't see what's so hard in adding a race I loved from FFTA as a party member.

*ends rant on FF Bangaa rights*
thank you very much for the fav! ^_^ and welcome to DA! :D
Thank ye for the Fav on the Bangaa