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CM: Rozaii x Yun by Kasanray CM: Rozaii x Yun :iconkasanray:Kasanray 44 4 CM for Rozaii by Kasanray CM for Rozaii :iconkasanray:Kasanray 37 0 THE KNIGHT AND HIS LADY LOVE by Kasanray THE KNIGHT AND HIS LADY LOVE :iconkasanray:Kasanray 187 18 CM: Wisha by Kasanray CM: Wisha :iconkasanray:Kasanray 109 4 sky-2-oldart by Kasanray sky-2-oldart :iconkasanray:Kasanray 57 5 CM: Yuk by Kasanray CM: Yuk :iconkasanray:Kasanray 95 5 CM: Rozaii by Kasanray CM: Rozaii :iconkasanray:Kasanray 82 4 CM: MMD by Kasanray CM: MMD :iconkasanray:Kasanray 136 2 CM: Tehe and Dusk by Kasanray CM: Tehe and Dusk :iconkasanray:Kasanray 127 12 CM: Amako and Kotaro by Kasanray CM: Amako and Kotaro :iconkasanray:Kasanray 71 14 CM: Ariel and Cerule by Kasanray CM: Ariel and Cerule :iconkasanray:Kasanray 76 6 Commission Open by Kasanray Commission Open :iconkasanray:Kasanray 84 8 present by Kasanray present :iconkasanray:Kasanray 84 2 hpbd Maya Oteuru by Kasanray hpbd Maya Oteuru :iconkasanray:Kasanray 106 2 Art Trade with NguyenRee by Kasanray Art Trade with NguyenRee :iconkasanray:Kasanray 298 112 Newart by Kasanray Newart :iconkasanray:Kasanray 202 112



★·.·´¯`·.·★ Butterfly icon (animated)2 COMMISSION CLOSED ★·.·´¯`·.·★ 

Sweetheart Divider Green Green Heart Icon Sweetheart Divider Green   HI EVERYONE. Llama Emoji-22 (Waving) [V1]  Sweetheart Divider Green Green Heart Icon Sweetheart Divider Green 

Pixel gemstones - Pearl   This is the first time ( actually second time ) i do commission on DA so i hope i didn't make any grammar mistakes. If i do, i hope you guys would forgive me

Pixel gemstones - Pearl  Shintarou Kisaragi (Serious and Smile) [V6]  Lets go into the main idea:  

-  I'am more into Digital than Traditional ( But it's not a problem if you want me to draw as Traditional)
-  I will draw OCs, Fanart, Chibi, but i won't draw Hentai, Mecha, Furry, etc..
-  I having a PayPal account now so you can pay by paypal or point DA but pls send it in Widget.
-  We can discuss other types of drawings ( if it lies within my ability )
-  Pls Be patient, I will make a list of WIP commissions, your commission(s) will be worked on in the order received/shown.

Pixel gemstones - Pearl  If you have any questions, or any commission orders, then please contact with me through DeviantArt messages or gmail:

Arrow leftArrow left New  SKetch: 7$/700points ( receive 5$/500point for 5 slots (0 slots now))

Commission by Kasanraycommission3 by KasanrayCommission4 by Kasanray

Arrow leftArrow left New  COUPLE ART : 20$/2000 points 
+3$/300points for each detailed character 
+3-5$/200 points for the simple BG
Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1]  bonus details and simple BG for 1 slots ( 0 slots now )

present by Kasanrayhpbd Maya Oteuru by Kasanray
CM: Ariel and Cerule by KasanrayCM: Amako and Kotaro by Kasanray

Arrow leftArrow left Pixel gemstones - Aquamarine  Headshot: 10$/1000points (simple colored, detailed) ( 7$/700point for 2 slots (0 slot now ))
+2$/200p for the simple BG
+8$/800p for the colored
+3$ for each detailed character

(simple colored)
Kai by KasanrayCommission9 by Kasanray

flower art by Kasanray mycat by Kasanray 
commission10 by Kasanray  Commission11 by Kasanray

Arrow leftArrow left Pixel gemstones - Aquamarine  Chibi (colored): 20$/2000 points Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] 
+2$ for the simple BG

It'sme by Kasanray

Arrow leftArrow left Pixel gemstones - Aquamarine  Full Body (colored):  40$/4000 points

+7$ for each detailed character
+5$  for  the simple BG
butterflyandflower by Kasanray  Kantai Collection Shimakaze by Kasanray

Arrow leftArrow left  Pixel gemstones - Aquamarine  Halfbody (colored):  30$/3000 points 

+ 25$/2500 points for each one character added

+5$/400 points for  each detailed character
+5$/ 500 points for the simple BG

Spirited Away ChihiroxHaru by Kasanray  
CatReq by Kasanray CM: Tehe and Dusk by Kasanray


Arrow leftArrow left Pixel gemstones - Aquamarine  Halfbody (simple color): 12$/1200points

+10$/ 1000 points for each one character added ( max: 3 characters )

+3$ for each detailed character

Fanart1 by KasanrayQuest2 by KasanrayQuest3 by Kasanray

Arrow leftArrow left New  Halfbody (simple color) + Bonus BG :  15$/1500 points 
+3$/300p for each detailed character

AT oc: Milky Way by Kasanray

Pixel gemstones - Aquamarine   P/s:  I will count 3$ into the payment cuz of the transaction fee  .  Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1]  

 WAITLIST 2018 (FULL):  

1. :iconazureknight2008: in process... (99%)

2. :iconcrimsonalloy: (done)

3. :iconyukina-chi: (done)
4. :icontehewoot: (done)

5. :iconchaseisthefire: (done)

6. :iconrozaii: (done)

7. :iconeveblends83: (done) 

8. :iconthemissile127: (done)
9. :iconmarcebelle:  in process....
10. :iconebernean:
11. :iconananomousey:


1. :iconhannibaru:
2. :iconcranerain:

3. :iconcandychoi:
4. :iconshaylaamanda29:
5. :iconsfviolin:
6. :iconrollingpoly:
7. :iconhimetochan:
8. :iconc--r-y-s-t-a-l:
9. :iconeltheran:
10. :iconbluesketchingwalrus:
11. :iconmarcebelle:

  -------------  Have a nice day Heart  -------------


CM: Rozaii x Yun
Commission for :iconrozaii:
Thank you for commissioning me again ehehe Llama Emoji-05 (Flower Sparkles) [V1] Llama Emoji-05 (Flower Sparkles) [V1] Llama Emoji-05 (Flower Sparkles) [V1] 
CM for Rozaii
Comission for :iconrozaii: 
awww, Thank you so much for commissioning me excited happy  excited happy 
XD awww, so cute ~
The Siren Prince and the Demon
"Say, kid -
   wanna trade your body for
   enternity knowledge of the universe?"

An AU where Bil try to convince Dipper - Prince of the Sirens of trading his body


WE WILL SEE GIF Gravity Falls - Oh no.. 



++|++ Pirates in Love -- SOUSHI & YUNA  ++|++



-- Yuna (the Heroine) --

The Kind-hearted Barmaid & Accidental Member of the Sirius 

A maiden born and raised in Yamato (a replica of Japan), who, by a strange Twist of Fate, finds herself abroad a PIRATE SHIP, off on the treasure-hunting adventure of a life-time, and ultimately discovers a Love more precious than any treasure this world has to offer her.

Yuna is a very open, warm and affectionate young lady. She's bright and bubbly, and loves taking care of others. Ever since being part of the Sirius, Yuna does her best to be strong and cares a great deal about those she loves like her 2nd family. She doesn't like to see the Sirius members hurting, especially
Soushi, whom she has bestowed her heart upon his charm & personality for keeps. They share an absolutely deep bond and she loves him more than life itself. She hates it whenever Soushi's in pain or has to do something that goes against the kinder side of his nature.

Our heroine isn't the sort of woman to parade herself and lacks confidence about her looks so she often tends to cover up, but being with Soushi has slowly changed that part of her, giving her a much-needed boost in confidence because of how beautiful he ever makes her feel. The more Yuna learns about Sirius' Pirate Doctor, the more she falls in love n wants to protect this sweet, lonely young man even when Soushi has always been the one protecting her with unwavering determination and boundless affection. She always strives to be a woman worthy to stay by his side, worthy of his Love.

• Current Age: 23.

• Height / Weight : 5'4" (1m63) / 105 ibs (48kg)

• Build: Curvy, slender build but not skinny.

• Job / Position: Formerly Barmaid in Yamato. Member of the Sirius.

- Fighting Style: None really. Yuna led a very normal life before meeting the Sirius Pirates, so she isn't a fighter. She has learnt to be more vigilant later; however, so that she won't become a hindrance to Soushi & other Sirius members during fights.

- Pastimes: Finding rare herbs and restocking Sirius' medical supplies, making tourniquets, performing chemical experiments with Soushi. Taking care of Soushi and assisting her friends/crew members whenever they need her.

-- Soushi --

The Brilliant Medic & Martial-Art Master of the Sirius

A tall, good-looking man and one of the eldest n wisest members of the Sirius. Soushi is a pirate who doesn't kill, but heal. A man so gentle, yet so strong, extremely empathetic n absolutely reliable underneath his calm and gentle exterior.

Being a lady-killer by nature, Soushi knows well his way around the ladies and treats them with courtesy and respect. Countless girls & women alike fall for him and his chivalry, yet he doesn't seem to mind.

Soushi is a man of compassion, loyal and devoted, who was born to lead even if he has no interest in leading or piracy like his closest comrade - Sirius' Captain Ryuuga. He takes responsibility for anyone he cares about and will stop at nothing to protect them, placing the safety and well-being of others before his own. Whenever he sees someone in need, he'll jump right to the rescue with no thought for what it might cost him. Soushi is even kind to his enemies, treating their wound and/or nursing them back to health (e.g. countless enemy pirates, navy officers, and... Baccus)! And he certainly don't need recognition for his heroism, which is why the Sirius crew members respect n look up to our Pirate Doctor as a mentor or big brother figure.

Despite all this, there is a sort of sadness in his soulful eyes and the way he smiles that somehow linked to a tragic distant past, which our beautiful Yuna (the MC/heroine) is determined to find out in order to help heal his heart. She has felt increasingly attracted to him ever since he entered her life, and will not give up until his heart is hers. Likewise, Soushi is fiercely protective of Yuna. He loves her deeply and would go miles just to see her smile. There's a sense of decorum to his Love that at times makes her forget that she's dating a pirate, who is not a prince.

• Current Age: 28.

• Height / Weight : 6'1" (1m85) / 176 ibs (80kg)

• Build: Strong physique with honed defined muscles, graceful and very masculine.

• Job / Position: Ship Doctor. Co-Leader of the Sirius alongside Captain Ryuuga.

- Fighting Style: Exceptionally skilled in martial-arts & unarmed combat, Soushi is incredibly strong, quick and agile in battles, with a style akin to Japanese AIKIDOU. He's the sort to go all out in critical situations, risking his life to protect his friends. Due to a past tragic event happened to him, Soushi believed his life wasn't worth much, and that he had nothing to lose, either, until Yuna came and showed him other possibilities in his life.

Soushi has a certain dark, violent side that he keeps carefully hidden, and is not particularly proud of. A real Wolf in Sheep's clothing.

- Pastimes: Finding rare herbs and restocking his medical supplies, making tourniquets, performing chemical experiments. Looking out for Yuna and assisting his friends/crew members whenever they need him.

Soushi owns a nice voice, yet due to his being tone-deft, can't sing very well. Nevertheless, the charming Pirate Doctor has proven himself a pro violinist in Pirates in Love episodes extra released only in Japan.

-- Characters & Analysis written by :iconazureknight2008:, based closely on Soushi's Route in Pirates in Love (PiL) Game series by Voltage Inc. Soushi's trademark Aikidou training suit in the original PiL Japanese Ver. has been replaced by Christopher's pirate outfit in the former PiL English Ver. 

-- Arwork by :iconkasanray:, featuring the beautiful Barmaid -Yuna- & Sirius' Doctor Pirate -Soushi-. Characters from Pirates in Love (PiL) Game series. 

  ++ AzureKnight2008's Personal Impressions ++ 

Pirates in Love is one of my top favs among Voltage Otome. I love the revamped English version (Pirates in Love: Captain's Cut) in which Soushi has restored his original princely looks in the original Japanese ver. instead of being turned into Christopher in the former English ver.

In truth, I've never played the westernized Pirates in Love so I had little to none experience with Christopher. No matter what, Soushi is the original, not Chris. It was Voltage's ultimate fault to 'modify' him for the western only to realize that in complete contrast to Shin's altered looks -Eduardo-, Soushi's altered looks did not bring back much profit. Voltage should have kept their original appearances, especially Soushi's princely looks. There was a large wave of protest from Soushi's fans from Japan demanding his original looks back as Sirius' Pirate Doc is the Prince Charming of many girls' dream ever since PiL was first released in its home country >8 years ago. :heart::heart::heart:



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hello everyone :iconmingplz:
my name's Huy.
i'm 18 years old
anyway I'm very bad at english :iconmingcryplz:
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