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NPC Contest Entry: Samuel



Tiny Star Bullet STATS Tiny Star Bullet

Arrow left Name: Samuel (Sammy)
Arrow leftGender: Male
Arrow leftCurrent Age: 22
Arrow leftBirthday: March 15
Arrow leftForm: Bipedal
Arrow leftKnown Upgrades:  Thumbs | Freckles | Bird Beak | Ori Legs | Gradient | Add a new color | Feathered Arm Wings | Round Pupils | Feather Tufts | Fuzzy Rabbit Ears | Box Markings | Leaf Pattern| Unlimited markings | Color Mixer | Visible small claws | Sleek tail | Feathered Tail Tip |
Arrow leftQuirks: Joyful, Energetic, Creative, Friendly, Eager to please, Understanding, a hopeless romantic

Tiny Star Bullet EXTRAS Tiny Star Bullet 
Friends: Rudy 
Family: Gilligan (uncle)
Wyngro Wind Pixel Element Wind | Level: Intermediate
Wyngro Earth Pixel Element Earth | Level: Basic

Tiny Star Bullet PAST Tiny Star Bullet
Samuel, or Sammy, was born in the Kingdom of Antova and into a family of musicians. From the beginning, Sammy loved to write poems and sometimes he'd make them into songs. Once he grew up though, his family had to let him go. Sammy was determined on making a living out of writing poems and possibly becoming a Bard. The only thing he brought with him was his Lute and paper.

He had a difficult time on his own living in Antova so he thought to maybe move somewhere more calm. He remembered his uncle Gilligan lived around a town named Wynsiph so he decided to go live there. Aside from his uncle, the other Wyngro he met on his first day there was Rudy. They were both going through the process of moving out and becoming grown ups so they helped each other out and soon enough became buddies. Sammy found that the Wyngrew in this town loved his poems and so he preforms them in the middle of town for all to hear. He also does serenading on the side for Wyngrew who want to give their special someone a serenade but can't sing or write.

Tiny Star Bullet PERSONALITY Tiny Star Bullet
Samuel is very talented and skilled with the pen. He believes that the pen is mightier than the sword. He is especially good at romantic poems and writes them whenever he feels inspired by a lovely Wyngro. Which is very often.
He loves making others happy. 
He tends to annoy his uncle Gilligan with all his singing
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Now Samuel's skill with the pen is undeniable...

(I'm sorry, I'm treeeeeeeeesh)