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Twisted Sergeant Calhoun

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Here a new twisted disney character from Wreck-it Ralph : the ruthless and merciless warrior :hitwithbat: Sergeant Tamora Jean Calhoun, the lead character of Hero's Duty,  turned into a half Cybug, her brain ravaged gradually over time :crazy: ...

inspired by ~jeftoon01

and his Twisted Princess collection. jeftoon01.deviantart.com/galle…

Story : After her wedding failed and her love was dead, she sought revenge against the Cy-Bugs. For a time, she was the drill master for Hero's Duty. But when Ralph went Turbo to other games and Cy-Bugs escaped into other games, Calhoun went after one alone. It was a stupid decision and as a result, she became infected when multiple Cy-Bugs ambushed her and infected her. She now roams Hero's Duty as a reminder to gamers that failure is not an option.

Story made by ~Barricade379 barricade379.deviantart.com/
Thanks to him =D (Big Grin)

Twisted Disney collection : kasami-sensei.deviantart.com/g…

highly inpired by Kerrigan from Starcraft ^^

~Visit my tumblr kasami-sensei.tumblr.com/
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SilverlegendsHobbyist General Artist
I like the Starcraft feeling on her.
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Good to know I'm not the only who noticed. But yes, very Kerrigan.
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SilverlegendsHobbyist General Artist
Indeed :D
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stevenzgreetingsProfessional Artist
I actually sketched something like this back in eighth grade, but instead of Calhoun, it was one of the soldiers in Hero's Duty.
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theFallenSENTIENT18 General Artist
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DarkMoxand12Hobbyist Writer
Digital Disaster
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Reminds me of Kerrigan.

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maxvision92Hobbyist General Artist
I always figured this was the game's actual final boss.
Hetalia4Elea's avatar
Hetalia4EleaHobbyist General Artist
That would be awesome
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This is a boss fight in Hero's Duty depending on performance.

She fights much like House of the Dead's 'Magician'.
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TomboyJanetStudent General Artist
Ahh the end of mass effect 3 >:P
medusa121's avatar
Can you do Veneloppe?
Merc-King's avatar
I think this can actually happen if the developer decided to make Hero's Duty 2. Can you imagine the arcade owners dragged the old machine away and put the now sequel machine in? Felix will be heartbroken. I think it can be Wreck it Ralph sequel.`
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Wreck-it Ralph meets Alien. This is really great!
theonegreatweegee's avatar
i was just on buzzfeed when i saw your art i gotta say im impressed
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... still cute
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TiancumHobbyist Digital Artist
hehe... i was gonna say, this has a very Queen of Blades feel to it. awesome work! :nod:
Jokerz-1824's avatar
This is what happens when the Reapers win.
Terratori708's avatar
indeed, failure is not an option. love it, great work!
Kasami-Sensei's avatar
Thank to Barricade379 for the story ;) (Wink) 
Terratori708's avatar
thank you both for the great work!!! love it!!!
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They should totally use this for the  sequel.
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