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Twisted Sergeant Calhoun



Here a new twisted disney character from Wreck-it Ralph : the ruthless and merciless warrior :hitwithbat: Sergeant Tamora Jean Calhoun, the lead character of Hero's Duty,  turned into a half Cybug, her brain ravaged gradually over time :crazy: ...

inspired by ~jeftoon01

and his Twisted Princess collection.…

Story : After her wedding failed and her love was dead, she sought revenge against the Cy-Bugs. For a time, she was the drill master for Hero's Duty. But when Ralph went Turbo to other games and Cy-Bugs escaped into other games, Calhoun went after one alone. It was a stupid decision and as a result, she became infected when multiple Cy-Bugs ambushed her and infected her. She now roams Hero's Duty as a reminder to gamers that failure is not an option.

Story made by ~Barricade379
Thanks to him =D (Big Grin)

Twisted Disney collection :…

highly inpired by Kerrigan from Starcraft ^^

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This is fantastic dood. I love this