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Twisted Kida

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By Kasami-Sensei   |   
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My new twisted character : The beautiful and mysterious princess Kida ! :happybounce: La la la la :squee: 

inspired by ~jeftoon01 
and his Twisted Princess collection

Story : When becoming one with the kings of old Atlantis, Kida also had the mind of a power-obsessed king and that one wanted to rule Atlantis and the world since the Atlanteans are superior in almost every way. The king knew Kida's weak spot for Milo and killed him without question. The others had a choice, to join or die. Both wanting money for the killer king Kida, Rourke and Helga wanted to capture her but that backfired and they were turned in crystal minions of Kida and soon the world will fear the return of Atlantis it self.

Story made by ~Barricade379 barricade379.deviantart.com/
Thanks to him =D (Big Grin)

Twisted Disney collection : kasami-sensei.deviantart.com/g…

~Visit my tumblr kasami-sensei.tumblr.com/
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Who knew crystals of Atlantis can be a girls best friend AND the world's worst enemy
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SentinelSpockNimoyHobbyist General Artist
Is that story a fanfic? I'd love to read it.
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this ones isn't as bad as the others made me sick looking at how "twisted" they made them
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Interesting.^_^ Actually, she could be twisted in a more evil way due to what is revealed in Milo's Return. Seems her father secluded Atlantis due to fearing that those outside Atlantis would misuse the powers of Atlantis. That fear could turn genocidal, and such a genocide could come from converting into crystal slaves.
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shadowdollcatHobbyist Traditional Artist
Very wicked!
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eddfan1998Student Artist
Do Jenny from Oliver and Company please!
A good twisted story-
Sykes killed Fagin and both the Dobermans demolished the dogs. Except Tito. He survived. Then the Dobermans killed Oliver. Jenny, beside herself with tears, turned the dobermans on Sykes, devouring him. Tito became a sooty, red eyed ,electric mutant Chihuahua with blue electricity as a power.  So Jenny, Roscoe. Desoto and the evil Tito began to haunt New York demolishing every citizen, human and cat and dog alike. New York becomes haunted and feared by all.
So please tell me what you think, Kasami,and please consider doing it! ;) (Wink) 
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DarkMoxand12Hobbyist Writer
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Inside Out Reaction Icon: Twirling Joy I loved your design work and especially the appearance of evil or the opposite of what we show them, is spectacular. I also liked the other princesses you have in your gallery.
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Fitting fate for a character stolen from an anime series. 
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Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Helgaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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EuTytoAlba General Artist
I love this picture. One of my favorite Twisted Princesses now. :D
Plus, that story actually sounds very plausible within AtLE cannon...... :sprint:
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Aww Thank You very much !!:iconohyoublushplz: 
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Lightning2889Hobbyist Traditional Artist
love you art work the colors bring the character out amazing.
Kasami-Sensei's avatar
Aww Thank U very much! *w*
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Lightning2889Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your welcome.
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Love this one! Kida is hot
Kasami-Sensei's avatar
I'm glad you like her haha ^^
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Epic-wreckerHobbyist Writer
Those people have been turned to crystals
Kasami-Sensei's avatar
Exactly Yes ^^
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NaruhinaluvrXHobbyist Artist
so freaking awesome!!!!
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Thank UuU !!! *w*
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